The Role of Parents and Teachers in Preventing School Violence

Many cases of school violence occur nowadays and we always see them covered in the news. However, it is unfortunate that most people just listen to the news and do not take the matter seriously. The fact that violence in school gets worse every day is a cause for concern and ignorance cannot solve this or any other problem. Any violent activities that cause harm to students and teachers are a form of school violence.


The issues that cause violence in school are numerous and the best solution to this problem is to get information about what leads students to engage in violence and find ways to stop it. In the past, students went to school and concentrated on their studies but this has changed. The students have now started involving themselves in activities that bring about distractions in class and end up causing harm to their fellow students, teachers and other people.


It is the goal of parents in these modern times to see their children perform at their best in school. The students therefore have to compete highly with their classmates and this causes stress and depression in some. Some parents also contribute to this type of stress by having very high expectations, which their children cannot attain. This then compels such students to do their studies under much pressure and they react negatively. Some opt for suicide, while others participate in violent activities against their fellow students or their teachers. Parents therefore have a big role to play in preventing their children’s violent activities.


Parents have the ability to influence their children in acting violently in school and to prevent them from participating in violent activities. If they guide their children to act responsibly, the students can avoid violence in school easily. It is important for parents to know how much their children can accomplish in their studies and set the expectations they have for them adequately. For example, if they see their children’s weakness in studies, they should come up with the best solutions that will help them succeed instead of forcing them to spend countless hours studying.


Parents can help their children learn better by taking advantage of the numerous study aids available such as television programs and interactive games. The advantage of using such study aids is that children will have an enjoyable method of learning and be able to complete and understand their schoolwork in a simpler manner. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to incorporate study aids in their children’s assignments so that they can perform better in their studies without encountering many problems.


Teachers also have a big role to play in preventing school violence. Since school is the second place where students spend a lot of their time, teachers should ensure that the students spend this time in a responsible manner. They should make it their priority to prevent the students from engaging in inappropriate behavior. If teachers work together with parents with the goal of ending school violence, the problem can end easily. The other way to prevent school violence is for all citizens to make sure that they offer an environment that ensures students do not engage themselves in violent activities. Following these ideas will aid in making school violence an issue of the past.