Students and school violence

School violence is something that has created terrific problems not only for the schools and the teachers, but also for the parents. It is indeed a dreadful and a painful issue. Children demonstrating violent behavior at school do become a source of trouble for other children, who come there to learn seriously. They fight with them, hurt them, bully them, or beat them by means of weapons such as guns, knives, etc. Therefore, the other children in the school are scared of them and thus, try to avoid coming to school.

These violent kids spoil the entire school environment. They cause trouble to the teachers and children of the school. They do not feel embarrassed to exhibit their violent behavior towards their principal or teachers, as well. You will come across a number of cases in history wherein the violent acts of the students have lead to the death of the teachers, principals and children.

One can definitely decrease the intensity of this violent act in the child by following proper measures. These include:

  • Weapons- the school should have a very strict policy towards the usage of weapons and at the same time, the students should not be permitted to carry any sort of hazardous things in their bags to the school.
  • Counseling- teachers know the child very well. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to offer good counseling to them, if she finds violent behavior in any child. If needed, she can even go forward for parent counseling.
  • Strict laws- the school needs to maintain strict laws and policies for the students who are found carrying guns, knives or nay other dangerous material with them.
  • Care- See to it that the child receives proper care by the parents, teachers and the school. If the child gets love and affection, from the concerned person at the correct age and time, the development of such absurd kind of behavior will definitely cease.
  • Guards- the school guards should maintain a regular check of the children along with their bags, lockers, etc. on a daily basis. Any type of weapon or hazardous material found with them should be brought to the notice of the management staff, soon.
  • Internet- numerous web sites exist on the net that offer useful data regarding violent behavior. Hence one can go for such sources to seek additional help. To get this help, there is no need to go out of your house to any particular place, just sit comfortably in your home or office chair and log in on the net. Then you can search for your query on Google.

There is no cure, as such, available to reduce the violent behavior of the child. You can only do it by following the above guidelines and offering love, support, affection and compassion, to children wherever needed. Help the children in times of their difficulties. You should maintain a free and a friendly relation with your kids, so that they would not hesitate to share anything with you. This will help to enhance their future.