Laws regarding school violence


No one can deny the fact that the federal laws have played a pivotal role in order to control the incidents of bullying in various schools and colleges across the United States. The introduction of various provisions and laws to protect the school going children began from the state of Arkansas.   
The story of Billy Wolfe is not hidden from anybody. A report published by The New York Times revealed that Billy Wolfe was persistently being bullied by two clumsy guys from Fayetteville High School, Arkansas. He was beaten up in the bathroom of his high school, in the school bus, on the way to his home, in the nearby shop and even in his coaching class. Fortunately all the incidents took place on various days. The chain of unfortunate incidences hampered the mind of Billy Wolfe. His parents took the issue to bully’s parents and even to the assistant principle of the high school. But they gained nothing except consolation.   
After seeing the system in their favor the bullies rose in confidence and tortured him even worse. So the parents of Billy Wolfe eventually went to the courtroom.  Court took the matter seriously and on the basis of circumstantial evidences and witnesses provided the decision in the favor of Billy Wolfe. Although, it was the first case registered in the court on the account of bullying but session judge S.M. Smith said that why the parents compelled to knock the court door for the justice. It is the ethical duty of the school administration to provide a friendly environment to the students where they can study and develop. People who are physically weak also have fundamental rights to live in the society.  He even said that the parents of Billy Wolfe have the right to ask for compensation for whatever Billy Wolfe and his family tolerated right from the beginning. 
Justice S.M. Smith was absolutely right. It is really an arguable question that why Billy & his parents need laws in order to seek justice. It is not just the story of Billy but many others as well. After the conclusion of that case, the official anti-bullying policies have become mandatory in various high schools and colleges. Parents can make the school administration liable if something wrong happens with their child and necessary steps are not taken on time.   
In the case of Billy Wolfe, it was not possible for him to win a physical combat without external help. The absence of anti-bullying policies was certainly an acceptable excuse but not when the child was brutally assaulted. 
Yes, sometimes it is not possible even for the court to protect each and every victim.  So it’s the ethical duty of parents to take their child out of comfort zone and prepare them to face the real world bravely.   It doesn’t matter whether we are taking about physical bullying, cyber bullying, or even verbal abuse, there is reply to all sorts of harassments. Make sure it’ll not reach to hand-to-hand level.