By definition, school violence occurs when students or collection of students are carrying deadly weapons and getting involves in harmful events. The rate and manner the school violence is causing havoc and eating deep in our society has made it the latest household name. There is tension on individual, group, family and in all our schools. As such, this is injurious to the well being of the entire citizenry and by extension the nation.


As much as the menace can be collectively prevented by parents, students and teachers and government, the fundamental truth is that parents should be made to take the first step to have a meaning result. They should not treat the welfare and future of their children with levity. Rather, let them keenly watch over every steps and move being taking by their kids. If discipline as well as the fear of God is instilled in children even at a tender age, the tendency of them going way-ward later in life is very remote. The parents should come to the realization that some films and games are injurious to the life and destiny of their children.


Shifting focus on school, the administrator can play their own role in curbing school violence by:

1.          Provision of adequate security:  These include engagement of well trained security personnel. Installation of metal detectors for sniffing out unfriendly weapons (knives, guns and revolver).

2.          The office of counselor if well maximized can help shape and re-shape the career and destiny of most of these children. Through counseling and interactions, they can unveil and prevent school violence.


Back to Parents again, the importance of parents in this regard cannot be overemphasized.

1.          Let parents stop comparing their children with another child within and outside the family. Every child has its own uniqueness, weakness and potentials. Even the twins born the same day are not exactly same in all aspect. The parents should rather help to discover, develop and appreciate the uniqueness of each child.

2.          Everyone, even adults need to be shown love, compassion and encouragement, let alone children. These children, to be precise need much more of the parental love, affections, compassion, encouragement and sympathy according to the prevailing circumstances. Tell them genuinely that you care for them and not a lip service. While the parents should make the welfare of their children a priority, they should not however be over papered.


School violence can be effectively kept to the barest minimum with the co-operation of parents, students, teachers and government.