Measures to prevent School Violence


I am sure most of you would have heard of the Columbine High school tragedy where two students went out on a shooting rampage and killed nearly 13 people in the year 1999. If you have not heard of that then you would have heard of the shootout in Virginia Tech in the year 2007 at least. These are some of the examples of instances of violence in school. Who knows? The same thing could happen to the school in which your child is studying as well. So it is very important that you need to know about the measures to be taken in order to prevent school violence.
One of the most important causes for children to develop fight inside a school is because of their attitude. If the attitude of the children is quite rough or arrogant then he can pick up a fight quite easily and at his own will. So it is very important for a child to have a good and proper attitude in order to avoid school violence. But if this is to happen then it is the duty of the parents to take care of it. They should give their child proper love, care, affection and a quality home atmosphere in order to develop a proper attitude. In most cases the children become arrogant because of a stressed out home atmosphere.
Just consider a case where you fight with your husband/wife in front of your child. Though you may feel that the child is too young to take it very seriously, it does have some sort of impact on the young minds. They too tend to take your path. They will become arrogant as well simply because of the reason that parents have an arrogant attitude. So parents should understand these little things and act in a wise manner to provide your child with a proper home atmosphere so that he grows out to be a good mannered child.
Teachers have their roles in preventing school violence as well. They should be responsible enough to look after each and every child in the class and understand their needs as well. The teacher should be specific and fair in their dealings as well. They should not be biased in their actions because this is one of the prime reasons for a child to develop hatred and jealousy. Also a teacher should take necessary steps in order to ensure that there are rivalries among students which could possibly end up in a brawl. This is because brawls never end in a brawl at all. They will have a continual effect and these brawls can very well lead to the children ending up committing violence of one form or the other.
The school authorities will have to make sure that the children does not possess any kind of weapons like knives or guns. They should keep a constant vigil on the students in order to avoid violent activities in schools. There is only final word that is sufficient to eradicate school violence and that is “responsibility”. If each and every individual understand their responsibility very clearly then there is no such problem of school violence.