Rehabilitating aggressive school children

The student getting into violence might have many reasons attached to it but the parents and teachers definitely play a huge part in it. To ensure that the student does not involve himself in indulgence, the parents and teachers must ensure regular supervision of these students. This would definitely help in keeping the violent behaviour of the students at a check and under control.


After having known the reasons for the violent behaviour of the students, the teachers and parents should take appropriate action. And if the parents and the students still fail to take action against the students, then it is no one else but the teachers and the students to be blamed. These violent behaviours of the students can be brought to a halt only if the teachers and parents are responsible enough.


The reason behind students taking the extreme step of committing violence is could be personal or social in nature. There are basically five reasons behind all these violent activities by students in school. They are personality behaviour, family environment, the learning atmosphere in school, and the fourth one is social dynamics. Among these four reasons, none of them can be individually claimed responsible for the violent activities in school. They all go together and contribute equally. The fifth and the last reason is the kind of neighbourhood in which the child actually grows up or the kind of people he is playing with on the playground.


The reasons for violent activities by students in school are not only these five reasons in fact there are a lot of other things other than these five. Frustration, depressions, irritation, stress are some of the other few reasons for the violent behaviour in children.


Mostly, students are very reserved and quite are the ones who are more likely to indulge in violence rather than the other students. The other very important reason is jealousy and animosity. A student might indulge in violence against other students if he thinks that he other student is smarter or intelligent than him. And having got into violence for the first time, the student gets addicted and continues the violence even in the future.


The students must be told not to indulge in violent activities if the parents and teachers really want to bring a stop to the violent activities. Communication is very important too. The students and parents must regularly interact with each other and the parents must shower love and affection on their kids to ensure that they do not feel left out. This would create a wonderful environment at home and the chances of the kids indulging in violent activities would come down considerably.



The parent and children relationship must be more friendly and interactive. At the same time of being friendly, the parents should ensure that the kids are not exposed to violence through tv or any other form of media.


Love and affection are the little things that should be kept in mind because they really help to a great extent in bringing down the violence related to children.