Simple measures of addressing the complex issue of school violence

The matter of school violence has become worrying for many of us creating considerable panic all round the world. Parents have to make a choice between the importance of education and the risk of loosing their children to school violence. Such parents wonder what prompts their children to become violent. There is no definite answer to that question but there are various reasons or factors, which are known to cause children to become violent once they join school. Obviously, they have to get the attitude from somewhere before they start displaying it in school.


Violent behavior should be stopped at once therefore parents, teachers and other stakeholders in the learning institutions should make efforts to stop it. Before you can select measures, which can be used to combat violence, you should take note of some of the common causes of violence among school going kids. This will help you to take definite measures to stop the vice. Some of these include lack of affection, care and love from their parents, teachers and the schools administrations. This makes the kids feel alone in the world and have the impression that no one really cares about them.


Another known cause of violence is depression, anxiety and stress. This is caused by immense pressures, which students have to deal with each day causing them to react violently to certain situations. The government has also added to the spreading of school violence by failing to provide regulations that restrict the accessibility of weapons to students. When students have unlimited access to dangerous weapons they can use them to create fear and harm other students.


The media can also be blamed for the increased violence in schools. By showing violent films on TV, the children are exposed to violent behavior. The extensive coverage given to the cases of violence in schools portrays those involved as heroes. This can encourage other students who are seeking fame to display similar behavior. In the same breath, some of the students who fail to become popular in normal ways can result to violence in a bid to become famous. If the guardians of the children do not provide enough guidance, they will get distracted hence showing the violent attitude. 


With a clear picture of what causes violence certain measures can be put in place to ensure that the vice does not spread. Some of the effective measures that can be taken include the introduction of strict regulations that limit students’ access to dangerous weapons while in school. This responsibility lies with the government and the school administration. Most of the children are not able to distinguish between right and wrong. This means that proper guidance from the parents and teachers is necessary to prevent them from copying whatever they are exposed to.


The parents and teachers should also try to interact more with the children in order to help them quickly in times of difficulty. Finally, parents have a duty to check the types of movies that their children watch. Limiting their exposure to violence will help curb the spread of such behavior. You can see that school violence is a complex issue, which ironically needs simple measures to contain.