School violence is deliberate fermentations of trouble within or outside school thereby creating tension and anxiety for everyone. It manifests in forms of rape, bullying, picking up fight with fellow students or member of staff. What then are the best ways to minimize the incidence?


Some of the best ways are:


1.          Children accessibility to Weapons:  Government should make it illegal for children under certain age to handle or be in possession of weapons. Guards should be engaged to frequently search bags and lockers for compliance.

2.          Engage Professional Counselor/Psychiatrist:  Most times the problems with children could be emotional or psychological. The services of these people can fill in the gap while the children dignities are restored.

3.          Collective Assistance:  The parents and teachers should subtly guide their children to choose friends. A bad company they say corrupts good manner.

4.          Offer of Assistance to those in difficulties. This little assistance can make all the difference. No one is self sufficient, the assistance can be financial or moral, it can be academically or social.

5.          Home Environment:  It is the duty of parents to provide conducive and tension free environment for the children. Home is only sweet when there is enabling environment. Parents should do away with nagging and cursing.

6.          Cheap Popularity:   Children tend to be famous by all means while in school. It is good if positively done by excelling in their studies, sports, etc. However, majority prefer take to the negative route of rape, killing, bullying, theft etc to achieve fame. The service of counselor could be engaged to assist the children in question for re-orientation.

7.          Love and Affection:  Every one to be loved children most especially deserves tender love, caring, compassion and encouragement. Doing these reduces the child from gang hay wired.


In conclusion, it is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to tender and nourish their children to a greater height. By so doing, the future and growth is being guaranteed.