Methodically and in a lighting speed, school violence is growing to a monster in the United States of America. To ignore its huge presence in our society is suicidal and misplacement of priority. The students are worried, parents and teachers are having a sleepless night, the government is feeling the heat, even the communities where the schools reside are apprehensive. Who says it is too early to wage a collective war against school violence? Must we wait until a generation is wiped off by grip of school violence?


The under listed are suggested solutions to the problem at stake:


1.     Praise and Encouragements:   The teachers and parents should endeavor to praise, encourage and possibly reward their kids for their good performance. These kinds of gestures motivate and ginger them to do better with the hope of getting more reward.


2.     Be Watchful:   The teachers and parents should watch closely over the children. If kids are giving more time, it will help develop intimacy and more insights into some areas of concern that was yet unknown.


3.     Love and Care:  No medicine is as potent as love and affections. Children should be given more of these. A child that is well aware that he/she is genuinely loved hardly has time to think or plan evil.


4.     Friendship:    A lot could be done among the peer group towards reducing the level of violent behaviors. A good friend should ensure that he/she is his brother’s keeper. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


5.     Counselors and Psychologist:  Schools should engage and maximize the office of the counselors and psychologists to the advantage of the kids. Since they have received special trainings relating to children psychologists, they can study and rightly offer solutions to the kids problem before is escalates.


6.     Teachers’ Supports:   Any seasoned teacher can always offer a hand of support to the children in time of need. Teacher are known to be temporal parents and so expected to as well give them parental support and affections.


7.     Encouragement of Extra Curriculum Activities:  If kids are made to read and study all day, it can give room to dullness of the brain. Efforts should be made by both parents and teachers to organize some other educating activities to give the children balance education. If they are engrossed with their hobbies, who knows they can even pick a career from there and vacuums for violence will not be opened.


8.     Fame:   Parents and teachers should enlighten the kids the different types of fame and the dangers inherent in getting famous by negative means. In addition, the benefits of diligence fames should also be enlightened.


9.     Weapons:   Kids should be outlawed from carrying weapons. Government should make it a criminal offence for the parents and the sellers that equip children with any kind of weapons. It should be noted that allow kids to carry weapon is like sending them on suicide mission.


10.     Parental Companions:  Frankly speaking, parents are the first, best and everlasting teachers for every child. It is the full responsibility of parents to provide their children with adequate support and guidance. The likelihood of any child going astray is very minimal if timely support, guide, care and love is given by the parents.