How to cease School Violence at its beginning?

Probably we all know the popular proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. We are going to apply the same concept of avoiding violence in school by arresting the root cause of school violence. This is a far better approach rather than taking corrective measures after the occurrence of a distasteful incident of violence in schools. So we shall discuss in this article on some of the important steps and tasks that should be carried out well in advance in order to avoid school violence.


The first thing is to understand the fact that violence mainly happens because of children who are haughty. So make sure that there are very less number of children who have that arrogant attitude in them. This will considerably reduce the chances of violence in school. Even if there is an arrogant child then steps should be taken to counter that too. The school authorities should check on this student regularly in order to ensure that the student is well within the limits. If anything is found wrong with his attitude and approach then it would be very good if the school dispels that particular child from the school because one black sheep can spoil the entire herd.


The problem with arrogant children is that they tend to form groups and they begin to tease and harass other students which will ultimately result in violence and physical abuses. Before dispelling an arrogant child from the school, the authorities should try to give that student one more chance to improve his credits. However a notice should be sent to the parents of that arrogant ward in order to ensure that the child is monitored very closely even at home. This will make that arrogant child understand his folly and he will think twice or thrice before he picks up any new rivalries or brawl with the fellow classmates.


The teachers in the classroom should be sure of the fact that there are no rivalries between children other than study related matters. If there are any then the teacher should take steps like talking to each and every student and solve out that problem at the earliest. If it is left as such then rivalries on a small scale will grow to brawl and brawl to extreme violence. Also the role of a teacher inside a classroom does have certain influence in creating jealousy and hatred as well. If a teacher is biased or support any particular child then it would be natural for other children to raise the eyebrows and have some sort of difference with that particular child. This is the first signs of violence and violent attitude. So teachers should be fair in their dealings with the children.


Finally the school authorities should be vigilant to ensure that students do not possess any harmful equipments or weapons. They should have surveillance cameras or guards to check such possessions. These things will surely put an end to the onset of violence inside the school premises.