How will you prevent School Violence in your School?

As a responsible student it is your duty to prevent any instances of school violence in your own school. And if you are searching for ways to help your school preventing school violence then this article can help you in a great deal. Given below are some important tips and advice on how to avoid school violence in your school.


  • The first and foremost step in order to avoid school violence is to understand this problem very clearly.
  • School violence mainly happens because of arrogant children who do not bend according to the situations.
  • So students who wish to prevent school violence should be wise enough to adjust with an arrogant child.
  • Even if the arrogant student tries to bully you or tries to intimidate, you should not retaliate instead you should stay calm at that moment and report the incident to your teacher or the concerned authorities.
  • This will not only help in avoiding a brawl but also will create fear in the minds of that bully child to interfere in your matters.
  • As a responsible student it is your duty to report any illegal activities happening inside the school to the school administration so that there are no such incidents in the future.
  • You should never stay silent whenever you witness any violence on other children as well.  I am not advising to go help that hapless child, instead report it to the authorities. This will make the authorities on their toes to avoid such instances and also will help in saving the child.
  • For example you witness a fight inside the bathroom of your school. The wise thing is to inform this to the guards as quickly as possible rather than you getting into the fight on your own.
  • If you had tried to save that child all by yourself then it would have been a different scenario. You would have had the wrath of the bully child and who knows it might end up in severe physical harm.
  • Also educate other friends of yours to be more responsible towards eliminating school violence. Explain to them that it is their duty to protect their schools and they should never let any bad name creep on their schools.
  • Students will listen to such inspiring talks and it can very well lead to a revolution of a kind in eradicating school violence.
  • If you really want to eliminate violent activities in your school then make sure that you attend programs related with school violence which gives advice on how to combat school violence. This will help you understand and gauge school violence.
  • If you are the senior student in your school then strive to be a role model to the youngsters. Explain them how important it is to have a good reputation behind your name.


These things cannot be done quite easily. However if you have the will and attitude to make a change then the above mentioned steps will surely work.