How to prevent School Violence?

School violence needs to be prevented in order to make schools a safer and calmer place than it is now. The instances of violence in schools are so many that parents think twice before admitting their ward to a particular school. Some of the examples of school violence are the Columbine High school massacre in the year 1999, the Virginia Tech killing in 2007, the Billy Wolfe case etc. The problem of school violence is increasing at an alarming rate on a daily basis that the concerned authorities are finding it really hard to combat this problem. However this problem can be prevented by proper understanding of the situation and taking the necessary steps.


School violence is a problem that can be solved only by the collective efforts of the parents, teachers, the school administration and the students. In order to prevent violence in schools it should be noted that the arrogant or violent students should be kept under check. So the important aspect about preventing school violence is to prevent the rise of violent students. Violent students are a result of hatred, psychological stress, depression or lack of love and affection. If you watch these factors very closely, violent students arise because of the irresponsible parents. So it is the duty of the parents to take care of their students and watch them closely. The parents should make their kids grow in a proper atmosphere giving him necessary love and care. The parents should never allow the kids to feel lonely and depressed and should watch all his movements very closely.


Violence inside the school can be kept under check with strict school administration and teaching staffs. For example students indulging in bullying or physical abuse should be dealt with severely. They should be punished promptly. In addition to punishing these arrogant children their parents should also be intimated about this situation. They should also be dealt severely. This will enable the parents to become more responsible and they will make sure that their child never gets into such activities any more. The teaching staffs should take care in looking after each and every student. They should take necessary steps to avoid the formation of any groups inside a classroom. Also the teachers should make sure that the children never grow hatred or jealousy.


The students should be monitored all the time. Surveillance cameras or vigilant guards can help in monitoring the activities of the students. The students should be checked for any illegal possession of weapons and other harmful equipments. Such acts by the administration will make the child think twice before he brings anything that is harmful to school. Also there should be specific staffs to look after the activities of students in places like the bathrooms, bike parking areas, vacant classrooms etc.


Students can also take part in preventing school violence. They should be tactful and wise to not indulge in any kind of fights whatsoever. Also they should report any illegal activities they witness to the authorities as quickly as possible.