Effective Measures of Dealing with School Violence

Just like the rates of violence and crime in the society, it is now established that school violence has escalated and become a big problem in the last few years. This problem is so advanced that its creating tension for not only the school administration and the parents but also the students. It also affects schools in all parts of the world with the highest cases reported in schools located in urban settings. It also affects all learning institutions including universities, colleges and high schools.


School violence can be described as situations when students take part in actions that result in bodily harm to the other students, teachers and support staff. Violence can also be in the form of destruction to the school establishment. To prevent school violence the teachers, students and parents should be involved. This will help the stakeholders to tackle the problem from all angles. Parents should strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere in the house to help their kids concentrate on studies.  This will help them perform better in class hence eliminating the pressures of poor performance.



The learning environment should also be maintained at optimal levels, as it is essential to a brighter future for the students. The parents also have a duty of keeping a constant check on their children in order to spot any signs of unbecoming behavior early. Since children learn violent ways from what they are exposed to, it is important that the parent should check the types of movies and games that the children watch or play. Any extremely violent game or movie should be restricted.


In general, parents should show love to their children. Children who are appreciated, shown love, sympathy, affection and compassion at home are less likely to turn violent in school. Parents should also avoid comparing their children with other children since everyone is different. Many parents are the root cause of their children turning violent by constantly comparing them with other better performing students in their schools.


To prevent this from happening, the parent should wait for his or her children to show their capabilities and assist them in developing them. Force only increases stress for the child resulting in rebellion. This makes them violent since violence is the best way to display rebellion. The school administration also plays a big and direct role in prevention of violence within the school limits. One of the common ways is boosting security within the school. This means that the school should hire enough guards and install metal detectors to prevent weapons such as knives from entering the school premises.


The administration should also hire counselors who will help students showing signs of violent behavior to reform. The counselor should also provide guidance to the students so that they can move in the right direction towards achieving their career goals. If everyone involved in the school community, from the teachers, parents, students to the support staff plays his or her role properly, it will be much easier to deal with the problems and destruction caused by school violence.