Role of security in school violence


School violence is a very major issue in the United States of America. It is giving trouble to everyone including students, parents, teachers and principals as well. It is hampering the future of the children also. Children instead of paying attention towards studies are paying attention towards such kind of negative attitude. This negative attitude is teaching them all sorts of negative things like using weapons in schools to kill students, using abusive language in schools, threatening other students, bullying them and fighting with teachers or students etc. Such kind of violent attitude is very harmful for the children and it should be stopped immediately.
Efforts should be done by both parents and schools to stop such kind of negative attitude among children. Now the question arises that what can be done to reduce school violence?
Violence is not a problem that can be solved easily by force or strength. It is a nature and it is not at all easy to change someone’s nature. It can only be done by giving proper support and guidance to the children. If a child is given proper love, affection and care then he/she will be able to reduce violent behavior.
Violence can be prevented or reduced by following various steps. Among various steps, security plays a very important role in stopping school violence. Schools should have facility of watchmen or guards. These guards should regularly check the school kids. They should check their bags as well as other belongings. If they found any kind of weapons or any other suspicious object in their lockers and bags then either they should take strict action about it or they should report it to the higher authorities. 
If guards see any kind of violent activity happening in the school then they should stop it and inform about it to the higher authorities of the school as well. Training should be given to the guards so that they can deal such kind of issues in healthy and efficient manner. Schools should also take strict action against the students who are showing violent activities in schools. Strict action will make them scared and this in turn prevents the reoccurring of violent behavior.
Government should pay attention towards buying of weapons. Easy availability and access of weapons are the reasons for increasing school violence. Weapons should not be given to children. Incidents like Columbine High School massacre, Bath School disaster and Virginia Tech massacre have occurred because no restrictions were there on the availability of weapons.
If government wants to stop the reoccurring of such kinds of incidents then strict laws should be made regarding weapons.
Stopping school violence is not at all an impossible task but it can only be done by taking major steps against it. Schools and parents both have equal responsibility against children and it is their duty to give right kind of guidance and attitude to children. Right attitude will groom them well and they will be able to excel in every field. Great career will provide them full satisfaction and pleasure.