How to Deal with School Violence

To deal or solve a problem, one must know and understand what it is first.   School violence can be looked at as a random act of physical abuse/violence or threat of abuse and violence, whether it is between students and other students, students with teachers, students and staff, etc.  The violence in school in these modern times is of concern.  Given this, there must be remedial measures that need to be undertaken to tackle the problem.


Since time immemorial, learning institutions were always thought of as an important and sacred place for students to gain knowledge. Times have changed however as the schools of the modern era now differ from the schools of the past in myriads of ways.  Amongst these differences lie in the fact that schools have been places of violence and are not safe from violence as such.  Although the problem is seen to be localized in some areas to some extent, the actual sad truth is that the phenomena may in fact be global in nature.


Parents who send their children to school have in their minds that their children go in for studies but do not do the necessary follow-up to check on the child or children’s activities.  Factors of pressure such as fear of failure in examinations, and negative behaviors of instructors and classmates amongst others may contribute to this rise in school related violence.


We live in the Information Age and there are articles aplenty on websites that recommend ways on how to prevent school violence, most of these sites being simple enough to read and follow.


Hand in hand with this, parents should closely and continuously monitor the condition of their children. Frequent talks and communication can help in providing the proper atmosphere which should put the child in the right direction.  This should also be done by teachers also so that from time to time, students and children do not feel isolated or depressed whether they are at home or at school. Not only will this lessen school violence but may also help students in doing better in their academic pursuits.


Should the behavior of one’s child not been very admirable, one can also approach a psychiatrist to help.  Apart from this the child should be given full affection so as to rid him or her of any pent-up tensions.   The child’s habits should also be observed from time to time, alongside his or her circle of friends, and also their attitude towards their studies.  Doing this goes a long, long way in understanding ones child.


Violent behavior is a preventable problem if the proper environment and time is provided to children.  Each child is unique in their own way and their abilities, so it is important for a parent to understand their child’s abilities and not put pressure on him or her especially when it comes to their studies.  Any untoward pressure on a child to change abruptly in behavior and expectations may harm the child and in turn may very well harm others.  Likewise as an added measure, children should not be exposed to weapons and in this way school violence can be prevented.