School Violence: How to prevent it from Starting

Many stories abound regarding school violence, particularly as seen in many newspapers.  Student committed crimes can easily be found on various news articles regarding the subject.  This thus brings up questions on what has caused this commission of crimes by students and why does it seem to increase daily?  The Columbine and Virginia Tech incidents are enough to shake people out of their comfort zones and allow them to see the seriousness of the situation and take the necessary precautions so that it won’t happen again.  In this article, some methods of how this can be done will be put forth.


Parents always want their child to be out of harm.  Unfortunately, the existence of school violence makes this as a problem that cannot be controlled or foreseen by parents.  School violence is something that both parents and teachers are afraid of.   Nowadays, most people agree that the relatively safe environment of the school is no longer as safe as it used to be, as daily incidents happen that make it more dangerous.   This change of the environment becoming more unsafe must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any untoward hazardous incidents happening in schools. Parents with teachers must take proper steps to guide their children out of harm’s way.


It is not so uncommon to hear of incidents of children bullying school staff including non-faculty workers as a form of aggressive posturing for their peers. Violence not only shows itself within the classroom but outside the classroom in other areas of the school.


To curb this school administration must appoint monitors and security personnel to oversee security measures and also have procedures in stopping the entry of deadly weapons into the school campus by students.


It has been researched that a student that has violent tendencies will frequently harass teachers and their peers without any hindrance or fear of any consequence.  There are incidents in which absent students will threaten instructors to mark them as present on absent days. Such occurrences show an unsafe environment has developed for children and staff of the school.


However, the cause cannot be blamed alone on the students, as school staff are also responsible.  Some institutions have adopted the misnomer of discipline by masking activities that put much pressure on students.  It goes without saying that this type of school practice must be discontinued at the soonest.

And it is also good for the parents to be vigilant against activities of the school that is of detriment to their children.  To effectively change the behaviour of the students, the behaviour of the teachers must also be changed beforehand.


Parents on the other hand should also regularly monitor their child’s activities.  A better understanding of one’s child goes a long way in making it easier to solve problems with them. Likewise parents  must set an environment of love and care and not one of hostility as this will spill over to their children and later on to the school.


Parents should also be concerned with the welfare of their child’s future by constant follow-up.  In turn, school administrators should regularly conduct school-parent conferences to understand the problems of their children. Only through joint collaboration of both teachers and parents can the problem of school violence be solved.