Preventive measures for school violence


School violence is the name given to the violence occurring in school. Children who are having violence in their behavior hamper the school atmosphere and create the atmosphere of violence in schools. They bully and threaten other children so much that they are scared of coming to schools. They hamper their career and the career of other students as well. So for the better future of the country and children such kinds of violence should be avoided definitely.
This kind of violent attitude can be reduced by adopting following measures-
Ø      Most important cause for this kind of attitude is lack of love and affection. If children do not get proper love and affection at home or school from their parents and teachers then they tend to become violent. So it is the duty of the parents and teachers to provide proper affection to the children. If they know that their teachers and parents are concerned about them than they will never develop such kind of attitude.
Ø      If the parents of the children are fighting in front of the kids then the kids will learn violence from them. So parents should avoid fighting in front of children and they should not use any kind of abusive language in front of them.
Ø      It is a common attitude that if somebody is facing difficulty and unable to solve it then he/she will get frustrate. This frustration can lead to violence. So it is the duty of the parents and teachers to provide full guidance to children during their difficulties. This in turn helps in reducing their violent behavior.
Ø      Counseling can help a lot in reducing the violent behavior. An effective counseling can prevent the school violence. Schools should appoint counselors or psychiatrists on regular basis. Psychiatrists or counselors should conduct various tests that can determine the degree of violent attitude in the child. After knowing the degree of violent attitude they should look out for the reasons of violent attitude. Once reasons are known then efforts should be made to cure those reasons. This will help a lot in preventing further violence.
Ø      Parents should check the kinds of films and TV shows their kids are watching. If they are watching films and shows that are showing violence then it should be stopped immediately. They will see violence and develop violence in their attitude as well.
Ø      Guards of the school should regularly check the bags and lockers of the school kids. If they see any kind of weapons in their bags then they should report it to the higher authorities of school.
Ø      School authorities should take strict action against the students who are showing violence in the school. This strict action makes them sacred and they will not show this violence again in the school.
By adopting these above measures school authorities and parents can stop or prevent school violence easily. The adoption of these measures is necessary if a nation wants to grow as the future of any country depends on the young generation only.