Tried and tested methods for preventing violence in school

School violence is becoming much known nowadays and there would be almost no one who would not have heard about it. For those people who are not aware of what violence in school means, school violence is basically violent measures taken by the students on campus to hurt people on campus which results in lot of damage to property along with physical injuries to the people who are being attacked.


School violence can be prevented and brought to a permanent halt if teachers and parents work together and do something to prevent it with collective and controlled measures. The parents can also help by actually providing a wonderful atmosphere in school which would keep the kids calm and therefore resulting in the kids becoming calm and non violent which enables them to concentrate on their studies much better. The wonderful home environment should be complemented by a wonderful atmosphere at the school as well.


The parents should continuously watch their kids and their behaviour to see whether they are indulging in any violent acts or not. They should keep a check on the quite of content they are watching on tv or the kind of friends they are interacting with on the playground and if there are any violations, then they must be stopped and prohibited from doing it in the future. There are also some games and video games which has lot of violent content and makes violence look very casual and fun to the kids.


School violence can be checked to a certain extent if the school authorities take the following steps:


  • Counseling: If the school is really very serious about bringing a halt to the violent activities in school, then they can seek help from counselors and psychiatrists who can really come in very handy in these circumstances as they are professionals and very adept at handling such problems.
  • Improve the security measures: The school must beef up the security measures in school and if needed must place security guards at each and every important place in the school campus like library, toilets, cafeterias, etc. with metal detectors to check the students’ bags for objectionable items in their bags.


Parents can also contribute in reducing the violent behaviour of their kids if they look at the following steps:


  • Children should be pampered with love and affection: If the child is exposed to a loving and caring environment at home, then there are very little chances of them getting violent in school.
  • Parents should also not indulge in comparing their kids with the kids living down the street. Such comparisons create lot of stress and burden for the kids and it also makes them get irritated. Instead, the kids should be allowed to do what they are good at and must be supported by the parents in each and every endeavour of theirs. 

If the teachers, students and the society work on these above mentioned aspects, then there is no reason why violence cannot be brought to a standstill and prevented.