Ways on how to decrease school violence

It is true that the problem of school violence has created a lot of fear and anxiety among the people and the society as a whole.  Rape, fighting with teachers and other students and bullying are just some of the different type of school violence.  Everyone in concern have tries to find ways on how they could decrease cases of school violence.

Below are just some of the steps that can be done to decrease incidents of school violence:

·         Atmosphere at home – it is very important that the first step in decreasing school violence starts at home.  Parents can provide the correct kind of atmosphere where children can grow and develop properly by giving the children the proper care, guidance and attention they need, along with the right amount of affection and love.

·         Help children during times of difficulties – Parents and teachers are expected to extend a helping hand to children who are experiencing difficulties.  If neglected, a child experiencing such difficulties will feel frustrated and depression will set in.

·         Counseling – Without proper counseling, children normally don’t know how to handle sudden bursts of emotions, thus becoming violent.  Counseling can help children in planning their careers in the future and which path to take.  It also gives them an opportunity to know of the correct way on how to deal with extreme emotions.

·         Fame – we all know that children are addicted to fame.  They want everyone to know who they are.  Thus, in an attempt to become famous most students perform acts of violence such as bullying, rape, theft and even killing other students, teachers and school staff.  The school officials, teachers and parents might be able to eliminate this kind of attitude by providing children with a more effective and positive way to become famous.  One that is recognized by the school and is legitimate.

·         Treat children properly – By treating children proper, you let them feel that they are loved and cared for.  With proper love and affection shown to children they are less likely to develop such violent behaviors.

·         Group activities – children can easily be influenced by their group of friends.  A child hanging out with a group who does violent acts will be more inclined to develop violent behavioral problems.  Thus, both teachers and parents have the duty to check on the children’s circle of friend.

·         Weapon Access – weapons should be made inaccessible to the hands of children.  To limit lethal weapons from being brought within the school premises, guards should conduct regular checks on student’s bags and lockers.

Children are considered to hold the future of a nation.  In order for a nation to have a bright and healthy future, its children must also have the same kind of future.  Parents and teachers are responsible for a child’s growth and development.  By explaining the negative effects of have bad attitude like violent behavior, you are teaching them to be more aware of such things and therefore giving them a higher chance of avoiding such and preventing them from committing such acts.  This way, by reducing incidents of school violence, we not only help our children achieve that bright future, we are also doing every one a favor in making our environment an ideal one for children and adults alike.