Providing professional help to violent students

Professional help must be used to contain school violence. A number of therapies can be employed by professionals to help out violent kids.


There is a global concern about the rising menace of school violence. All the countries are trying hard to find ways to stop this problem. This is considered as a serious problem because it directly influences the youth who are future of any country. Thus no country would want to jeopardize itself by letting its youth suffer from this problem.


The seriousness of this problem is well understood even by the schools. They are taking every possible measure to contain this problem. Trainings and counseling are being provided to the school staff and teachers to make them aware of methods of handling violent students peacefully. If such students are not controlled with love and care, they might hurt or even kill their fellow schoolmates and teachers!


Further, there is growing understanding among the schools about need of setting up counseling cells where such students might be counseled and treated. Extreme care must be taken in handling such students, otherwise ignoring or avoiding them might result in a dangerous situation. Negligence or rejection at school might also be the reason of growing violence among kids and somewhere we are also responsible for that. Thus to help such students shun violence and be normal like others, they should be given proper counseling at schools by the professionally trained counselors.


Numerous treatments have been provided to such students to help them in resolving their issues. It has been found out that the parents of the child also play an important role in faster recovery of the kids apart from the teachers and the school. A branch of psychotherapy known as child-parent psychotherapy helps working on the relationship of the child with parents and making their bonding stronger. Thus the violent kid might feel better once brought closer to the family.


A number of therapies like the play therapy, group therapy and art therapy are employed by professionals to try and understand state of mind of the violent student and then work on the treatment of the child. The play therapy and art therapy are used by the professional to come closer to the kids by engaging them in such an activity which they enjoy doing. Thus the students might start having a trust in the professional making the treatment easy. The inner feelings and mind of the students can be analyzed using the art work that has been by them. Thus the students can be given a proper treatment for the violent behavior.


Thus it’s very essential for the professional to build a feeling of trust and confidence in the violent kid whom he is going to treat and realization that there is somebody who cares about what he feels and would be available always to help him, listen to him. This is because such kids too need to be cared. Though such kinds of treatments take some time but these can be of great help! Thus such kids can lead a normal life and the menace of school violence can be treated in only this way.