Violence in school is a social menace unfolding as the latest trend in our schools. In addition, it has become a worrisome incidence to the government itself. Student unrests need to be avoided or permanently put to an end for any nation to witness meaningful social growth and development. All institutions such as parents, students, teachers and even government should come to the realization that some measures of remedies are demanded from each of them. By so doing, the future of our schools and nation become brighter.


The speed of growth any country is expecting to witness tomorrow is determined by the value it attached to her children today. Children could be likened to the way and manner in which an egg is hashed and nurtured to growth. Inside those eggs are hen and cocks if well handled. For joint and proper growing, the Parents-Teachers Associations meeting should be convened at interval. It is a good avenue for discovering and correction of any strange behavior observed in children.


Mandatory and periodic training for teachers on student psychology can help in understanding the potential reasoning, actions and in-actions of students. Crises management should be as well form integral part of the training. By so doing, teachers are being equipped for deterrent to school violence.


 As a matter of urgency, the school owners or administration should take a significance approach towards the elimination of violence in school. These among others could be engaging the experience guards at the strategic location within the school premises. Installations of metal detectors such as knives, pistol and revolvers. Approval for using weapons should be very strict and be limited to certain age bracket. If any student violates the rules, they should be made to face the corresponding penalty.


An operational and effective crises management could be inaugurated. The arm is to instill into all students best way to resolve matters most especially during the crises and even in anger.


Most times, children /teenagers students are at the cross-road on a vital issue of concern to them but find nobody to talk to except to rely on their own subjective decision. Meanwhile if a counselor is within the system, he or she could have made all the difference through a timely and experience guide.