The Prevalent Occurrence of School Violence

The terror called school violence is the act of attacking fellow students, the teachers and the staff of schools by children classified as violent children. They unleash their terror to the community of the school, indiscriminately shooting and stabbing people. This dreadful act is perpetrated by students of the same school. The media is making wide coverage on the incidence of school violence, creating more and more panics in the minds of the people. But how prevalent is the incidence of school violence? Let us examine this question with a view to determining the frequency of the incidence. Our reference material is an article by 712 that looks into the prevalent occurrence of school violence.


In 1992-3 school year, the deaths due to school violence recorded in United States of America are 270, as reported by National School Safety Center. Out of the number, 207 deaths were as a result of shooting. The record for 1999 to 2000 is about a quarter of that of 1992 to 1993.


In the US, the Department of Education for the National Center for Education and Statistics conducted a survey for principals 1,234 regular public elementary, middle, and high schools in the fifty states of the country including the District of Columbia for the 1996-1997 school year. The findings are as follows.


-  One or more crime or violence reported in elementary/secondary sch.    =      57%

-  All public school had one or more violent crime                                       =      10%

-  The crime that is generally reported most was physical fights, without the use of      weapon.

-  Majority of the violence reported took place in middle and high schools

-  Most of the violence took place in schools in the cities that are large.


It should be noted that 43% of the public schools experienced no crimes at all; also 90% did witnessed serious violent crimes.


On interviewing ‘teachers, students and the law enforcement officials’ about school violence, by Metropolitan life Survey of the American Teacher: 1999, they said that it was on the decrease. On the contrary, a quarter of the students interviewed said they were victims of violence in one occasion or the other. Moreover, about one-eight of the students confessed carrying along with them, a weapon to the school on one occasion or the other.  


The prevalent occurrence of school violence, as we have seen is not fixed. In general, the factors that are responsible for increase in school violence are categorized into three major classes that include: physical, behavioral and adopted.


  1. The physical causes: fatal injury on the head is known to cause violent reactions to some people.
  2. Behavioral factors are as a result of problem with the personality that manifests in form of avoidance of mingling with people. The victims are poor in all school programs and feel rejected and are therefore lonely.
  3. Poor family background and too much watching of violence movies as well as playing games that portray violence all contributes to this problem.


The statistics shown above reveals the prevalent occurrence of school violence in America. Obviously, the findings are a little bit contradictory.