Ten things that can be done to stop school violence


School violence is troubling everyone. It is creating huge panic in the schools of the United States of America. It is troubling not only students but to the teachers, parents and schools as well. It is affecting nation’s future. If a nation wants to grow then there is a huge need to prevent or reduce school violence.
If you want to save children from school violence then ten things can be done-
  1. Close watch: It is important to keep a close watch on the kids. Parents should try to spare out some time for their kids. This will help in knowing the kids better. Also by doing so, the parents can stop the kids from doing any wrong act.
  2. Appointment of counselors- School should appoint counselors. These counselors are specialized people and they have done specialization on child’s psychology. They can easily understand the child’s psychology and can help them during their troubles.
  3. Friendly relationship- Parents are the best teachers for every child. They should provide full guidance and support to children. If they are providing full guidance to children then they will be able to develop better. Parents’ guidance and love can make better future for the children.
  4. Support from teachers- Teachers can help a lot in regarding school violence. Teachers can tell students about the negative effect of having such violent attitude. They should explain them that this kind of negative attitude can ruin their future. Training should be given to the teachers so that they can understand students in a much better way.
  5. Love and care- Love and affection are the best medicine that can cure violent attitude among children. So parents and teachers should provide proper love and affection to their children.
  6. Weapons- Illegal access of weapons should be stopped. Children can buy weapons easily and they are using these weapons in school. Laws should be made against the use of weapons by children. History is full of such cases where children had used weapons in schools and killed children and teachers.
  7. Fame- Some students are doing it for fame. So it is the duty of parents and teachers to explain them the negative effect of such kind of fame. They should tell them other better ways of becoming famous.
  8. Encourage other habits- It is the duty of the parents and teachers to encourage other habits like reading, playing etc. among kids. If they remain busy in these hobbies then they will never think or practice anything negative.
  9. Praise: Both parents and teachers should praise kids for their good deeds. Children must be given proper reward for their good work as well as behavior. This support acts as motivation for the kids that stops them from doing any wrong violent act.
  10. Friends- Friends can also help a lot in decreasing violent attitude. Friends should provide full guidance and cooperation to the violent students. This in turn helps them in solving their problems. If violent children are able to solve their problems then it will lead to the reduction in violent attitude.
By adopting these ten steps, violence among children can be reduced easily and this will help in grooming their future better.