Proven preventive measure for school violence


All of you must know about the school violence. School violence is becoming a great problem in recent years. It is one such problem that is creating tension not just for schools or parents but for students as well. School violence is the condition when a student or group of students gets engaged in any type of harmful activity. Such types of activities are harmful and very serious for the schools, teachers, parents and nation as well.
School violence can be prevented by teachers, parents and students as well. If the parents, teachers along with the other students work together then problems like school violence can be removed easily. If parents provide good atmosphere in the house then it becomes easier for the students to maintain the regularity in the studies and therefore they can perform better. A cool, hygienic and healthy environment in the schools and in the house is essential for the future of children and nation as well.
Parents should keep an eye on their children so as to check whether they are doing or engaged in any type of violent behavior. They should watch the regular activities of their children like whether they are watching any type of violent movie regularly or playing any type of violent games daily. Some games and movies are so violent that if your child regularly visits or views them then there are more chances that he turns to be violent very soon.
School administration should take care of certain things for the prevention of school violence which are mentioned as follows: -
  • Counselors: - If school authorities and teachers want to prevent incidences like school violence then they should appoint a good counselor in the school. Counselors can really help students by providing good and right direction related to career and any type of personal issues.
  • Security: - If proper security measures are taken by schools then school violence can be prevented with ease. For this schools should appoint a good guard in the campus and must install metal detectors for detecting any type of weapons like revolver, knives etc. in the school premises etc.
Besides schools, parents should also check activities of their children in order to prevent school violence and take a look on mentioned measures: -
  • Parents should give proper love and affection to their children. If a child gets sufficient love, affection, compassion and sympathy from the environment of home and parents, then children will not turn to be violent very easily.  
  • Parents are advised that they should not compare their children by other children because anyone cannot be perfect in all fields. If you allow your children to show and grow their capabilities then it is beneficial for all. If you force the child then he/she can create stress in mind and as a result he can get indulged in violent activities which are indeed very bad for all.  
If all the teachers, students, and nation work together by co-operation, then activities like school violence can be easily prevented.