Methods of Ending Violence in Schools

The cases of school violence that occur are a cause for panic in many schools in the United States. It is a cause of trouble to teachers, students, parents and school administrations. School violence also affects the future of the nation and there is a great need to end it so that the nation can develop well.


The first method of ending school violence is watching students closely. It is essential for parents to make good use of the free time they have by spending it with their children. They can come to know their children better and help them avoid participating in negative activities.


The other method of ending school violence is the appointment of counselors in schools. Child counselors should be people who have specialized in child psychology so that they can easily understand children’s behavior and assist them when they have problems. It is also important for parents to have friendly relationships with their children. Since they are the most important teachers to their children, they should provide complete guidance to them. If parents can guide their children in the appropriate manner, they can grow up well and have a brighter future.


Teachers also have a big role to play in ending school violence. They can inform the students why violence is negative and explain to them consequences of participating in violent activities. Teachers should give students the full explanation that violent attitudes and behaviors only lead to failure in life. The training that teachers receive should be helpful in understanding their students better.


The other way that teachers and parents can contribute to ending violence in schools is showing love and affection towards the students. Love can bring healing to violent attitudes and is therefore important. Access to weapons is the other cause of violence in school. It is essential for school administrations and the government to come up with laws that restrict the access of weapons to students. Such laws will make it harder for the students to get weapons and this can reduce the incidences of student and teacher killings happening in school as has happened in some schools before.


Teachers and parents also have the duty of explaining to students that getting famous through violence is completely inappropriate. They should guide the students on the best ways to get famous. The other method of ending violence in school that teachers and parents can use is encouraging the students to participate in positive hobbies such as reading, playing games and other good activities. If students occupy themselves with such activities in their free time, they will not think about or participate in the wrong activities.


Praise is also important in preventing school violence. Teachers and parents should use it when students perform or behave well. Rewarding students for their good behavior will act as a motivating tool for them that will help them avoid doing wrong things.  The other way that violence in school can end is if the teachers and parents act as friends to the students. They can become good friends to them by providing guidance in a way that the students feel free to share their feelings with them. This will assist even the violent children to seek solutions to their problems and the violent attitude that they have will end.


If teachers and parents follow these methods of ending school violence, they can succeed and ensure that students will have a better future.