A Safer and Better School – Fight For It

A couple of years ago, a 13 year old boy from Missouri committed a brutal and fearful act of violence.  It took place in their school in a rural area of America.  The boy shot his classmate with an assault rifle.  Considered to be a deadly weapon and generally manufactured for soldiers, it is a mystery as to how this 13 year old boy was able to get one.

This is but one of the recorded incidents in schools within the US that was caused by some acts of violence.  One of the most tragic of these incidents happened in 1999 which is commonly called as the Columbia High School massacre.  Ever since this happened, legal steps were taken by the court and the Federal Department to try to lessen or eliminate the accessibility of lethal weapons.

The problem was even tackled during a presidential conference, and that they have concluded that all the parties concerned should have an active participation to prevent and correct the problem.  This meaning that, parents, students, police and school officials should address the matter to the best of their ability and to ensure that lethal weapons should be out of reach of kids.

More importantly, everyone in the community is encouraged to take action and participate in battle to make schools a safe place for learning, fun and development.  Preventing school violence can be done in numerous ways.  One can set up a school crisis plan and be diligent in practicing it.  As with fire drills which are a mandatory part of every elementary and secondary school yearly routine, other forms of training can be devised to teach students how to adapt and behave during a state of emergency.  Another important fact to remember is to focus and provide proper guidance to students who exhibit violent behavior both at home or in school.  By providing help and assistance these kind of children, we are providing them help and preventing them to pick up a weapon and thus preventing them from hurting others.

Studies by experts show that about 3 out of 4 shooters commit a massacre unintentionally.  They never planned it to start with, and their actions and behavior reveal certain clues of the impending tragedy in advance.  Noticing these kind of clues and acting on them carefully are the key factors that will prevent such tragedy from taking place.  In an event that you see the situation surrounding a child getting more dangerous as the days pass by, it is best to let his teacher know about it.  Local law enforcement may also give assistance if a teacher requests it and is deemed necessary.  This in turn can prevent children from carrying out their plans of gang violence or even a shoot out by taking some legal actions against it.  In an event that a child mental state is unstable, then immediate attention by a professional medical consultant must be provided.

It is true that the issue of school safety is a very difficult challenge facing us in today’s modern era.  With our children’s future and lives at stake, we cannot just disregard it.  To make this possible, every one must be responsible and take active participation in making the school safe and securing a better and brighter future for our children.