How to push school violence back

Incidents of school violence are very common today.  Most students try to vent out their anger and frustrations by doing violent activities.  Students who undergo or experience extreme stress and depression are very prone to acts of violence, and if this goes unnoticed by teachers and parents, these students will most definitely vent our their frustration and anger by resorting to acts of gun violence that results in other getting hurt or killed.  Add the factor of immense pressure from peers and fierce classroom competition, students today are more likely to become violent that compared to students in the past.  With that, it is imperative that we fight back school violence by taking all the necessary steps to try to stop and correct such violent behaviors.

Teachers in turn should try to develop and maintain a healthy and comfortable relationship with their students.  This way, students feel safer and more open with their teachers.  With this kind of relationship, students can freely talk with his teacher whenever something is bothering him.  Portraying as an elderly friend, students will be able to vent out their anger by simply talking with their teachers rather than just keep all these emotions hidden with a high tendency of it exploding in a very violent manner.

Students should be educated on how to manage their anger.  If held from time to time, anger management workshops will help students in finding positive ways on how to handle their anger and aggression.  This kind of workshop is essential today because of the difficult situation that students face today like peer pressure, classroom competition along with extreme exposure to violent acts in the form of TV show, video games and movies.

Parents should check on what kind of TV programs their children watching, along with preventing them from watching any film or program that has a violent nature.  Parents must also restrict their children from playing games that are violence-oriented.  Parents should initiate regular conversation with their children, talking their school activities.  Instill into their mind the proper values of compassion, love, humility and forgiveness.  Parents should be role models for the children, and provide them with proper examples at home and avoiding any violent behavior like shouting for fighting with each other in front of the kids.  You’ll be surprised as to how all of these affect the mental and emotional development of a child; after all, they tend to learn a lot from just watching.

Teachers should regularly meet with parents so that they will be able to give feedbacks about their child’s academic performance and social behavior.  Parents in turn can also develop a friendly relationship with school officials, security guards and even the cafeteria staff.  This way, once they notice any suspicious behavior on their children while in school, these school staffs will be able to inform the parents about the incident.

Also, it is advisable that teachers teach and encourage the student to look out for each other.  Once a student notices another student behaving rather suspiciously, either getting violent on such trivial matters, depressed, or even aggressive towards other students, then the student can immediately inform his teacher about the incident.  In turn, the teacher will be able to take appropriate action in correcting the problem by informing the parents of the student about the incident, and in turn will be able to verify if something is wrong with the child.

We must take an offensive stand in fighting back school violence by taking every possible step necessary to ensure that a bright and wonderful future is awaiting our children.