Plans to bring down violence in school

School violence takes away lot of lives which includes the teachers and the students and the maximum casualties are in the United States of America. It is very important that school violence is brought to a halt because parents who send their kids with all the expectations in the world finally see their children dead in school.


The school violence should be dealt by parents and teachers legally, personally and physically if they really have any intentions of curbing violence in school.


The legal laws for violence in school in the United States of America are not very strict and if they have any intentions of bringing down violence, then they should make stricter laws. The laws relating to guns and it s availability should be altered in America as they are available very easily in America and the children make use of it in their favour. The school should also appoint anti bullying squads in schools and should prevent any instances of violence in school campuses. The school along with the support of the government should ensure that all those kids who take weapons or arms to school should not be spared and must be punished in the strictest possible manner.  


The school for getting personally close to the students should take help from counsellors as they are very good at doing such things and are also doing it for their living. So they obviously must be good at it. These counselors will not only teach the importance of being no violent but will also help the students carve their career path. Teachers, on the other hand, should interact with students in a more polite manner and stop being the strict teacher that they usually are. The teachers should shower love on their kids and show affection on them, very similar to how the parents do. The school environment must be exactly like home environment and the kids must be allowed to move around freely, the way the do it at home. The teachers are the ones who are responsible for the grooming of the kids at school and they should make them aware of the realities of life.


Schools should appoint guards and other security men on their campus and should ask them to check each and every student’s bag for doubtful and suspicious objects. Ans if at all they see any doubtful objects then they should immediately bring it to the notice of the seniors. Anger management and conflict management sessions should be arranged for the students in school which would help them to control their anger during tense moments and also would help them to solve their problems, if there are any, in the most effective and non violent manner. And for the purpose of relaxing the mind, body and soul of the students, meditation and yoga classes should be arranged as they come in very useful in this regard. And for career counseling, there could be counselors appointed who would not only reduce the violent behaviour of th students but will also help them with their future plans.


If all these activities are followed are by the school authorities religiously, then they would be definitely able to bring down violence in school.