Activities conducted for bringing down violence in school

School violence is on the increase especially in western countries and this in turn is proving to be a great obstacle for the growth of the nation on the economic front as well as puts a question mark to its security standards. This is becoming a menace not only to for the students who are getting affected but also for the entire society including the teachers, parents and the society in large. So it is the duty of the country to bring a halt to such series of events.


The school can play a part here by appointing security guards who would be at the gates of the school door and would check the bags of each student for suspicious objects who would be entering the school premises. Students should not be allowed to get inside the campus with weapons and arms and if anyone is found guilty of possessing one, then they should be punished.


The development of the country depends on the students of the country and if they want to see their country develop, then they must ensure that the students are brought up in the right environment. And for ensuring such an environment, frequent students and teachers meetings should be arranged, so that one gets to know about the kids and also their problems.


The institution should also play a part here by training teachers on how to handle the students and they should also be taught to move closely with them and solve problems of theirs if they have any. They should be given special training to handle students who are visibly very violent because that requires the hugest amount of effort and dedication.


There should also be classes conducted on meditation and yoga if there be a need on a regular basis. It is basically an assortment of different types of beliefs and values and needs lot of concentration. The meditation sessions are really very effective and one can realise this only if they do it for themselves.


The schools can also conduct anger and conflict management sessions in school which is a very important and effective way of bringing down violence in school. These sessions would help the students understand and solve their problems in a non violent and peaceful manner.


The school authorities, if they want, can get help from counselors and psychiatrists as they are very good at understanding the problems of the students and also providing solutions for them. The counselor can not only help the students with their stress and depression problems but they can also help them with making future career choices. So if a school is really interested in bringing down violence and enhancing the lives of their students, then they can go for help from these counselors.


The school is expected to guide its students and carve a pathway for them. They can introduce new activities in school along with studies to keep the students busy. Promoting such additional activities would also make the students creative and will give them an opportunity to enhance their skills further.