Dealing with School Violence Effectively

The issue of violence in school is common nowadays for many students use violence as a way of displaying their anger. Some students involve themselves in violence due to extreme depression, which parents and teachers have no knowledge about. Such students resort to gun violence to vent out their anger and end up hurting or killing other students. Intense competition and peer pressure leads to disturbance in some students and they resort to violence. It is therefore essential for everybody to deal with school violence by taking the necessary steps to ensure it ends completely. 


The first step that will ensure an effective end to violence in school is for teachers to relate to their students in a healthy manner. If they do this, the students will find it easier to approach them when they encounter problems or when their fellow students’ behaviours bother them. It is important for teachers to act as elder friends or guides to students so that the students will feel free to approach them. This will aid the students in having a good way to solve problems and release anger instead of holding it in their hearts where it will later explode into violence.


The other way to deal with school violence is to train students on how to manage anger. Schools can do this by arranging to have anger management workshops that will teach the students how to positively deal with anger. Anger management is essential in student’s lives these days because they have exposure to a lot of violence in the media that appears in television programs, games and other types of media


The other thing that parents should do to ensure that their children do not engage in violent activities is to monitor the time they spend watching television and to ensure that they do not watch violent television programs or movies. Parents should also ensure that their children do not play violent computer games that have the possibility of influencing them to act violently. They should also make it their priority to have dialogue with their children concerning their school activities. The other thing is to give their children adequate love and affection while also guiding them on the importance of having virtues such as humility, compassion, love and forgiveness. The best way that parents can do this is by setting a good example at home for it will shape them mentally.


It is essential for parents to become good role models for their children and they can do this by ensuring that they do not behave aggressively as their children watch them. The reason behind this is that children learn much from the activities that they see other people do. Regular meetings between teachers and parents are also important in dealing with school violence for the teachers can give updated information to parents regarding their performance and behaviour. The other people who can be of help in ending school violence are security personnel and clerical members. If parents have good bonds with these people, they can receive information about their children’s inappropriate attitude or behaviour that they practice during breaks, and at other free time.


Having good relations among students is also a good method of dealing with school violence. Teachers can help the students relate well by encouraging them to get involved with their fellow students’ lives. For example, students should report cases of inappropriate behaviour or depressive moods that they see in their schoolmates to their teachers. They should also report cases of students coming to school with weapons or other dangerous signals that may lead to violence. The teachers should then find out the problems with such students and report the matter to their parents. They should then make sure that students with problems receive proper counselling.  


Dealing with school violence is important and everyone should be involved in fighting it so that students will become productive citizens in the future.