Various ways through which school violence can be combated

In recent past, the number of school  violence cases have increased drastically. It is the wish of every parent that their child  gets to learn in a secure and safe environment. Due to the increased tendency of school violence, shool administrations have come to comprehend that it is a vital issue  that needs addressing and should not be ignored. Various ways through which school violence can be combated are as follows;


Teachers should stay alert not just  in classroom but also outside too. When students are undertaking their extra curricular activities or at the cafeteria, there should be a teacher around observing every move of the children. It there is any observation of a child behaving in an aggressive way or insulting  others, certain measures must be taken immediately. After such observation measurers like counseling can be applied in a tactful way and let them know that such kind of habits can harm, not only themselves  but also their fellow students.


During class time, if a teacher observes a student trying to make fun of or ridiculing others, then he/she should purnish the student doing the act and make it clear and open that such type of behavior will not be acceptable. When a student shows regular signs of  violent behavior, the administration should inform the parent or guardian about their bad behavior. Both the teacher and parent should work close in order to understand the reason why the student is behaving in such aggressive manner. They should then resort in measures like anger management  skills  and counseling to help him withdraw  from that habit.


Students should also be taught on being responsible and be encouraged to look after their fellow classmates. This is where he/she is expected to report any cases of misconduct witnessed  to a teacher or parent such as bullying another fellow student who might be timid or weak. The teacher should then be able to handle such a case in a proper maner.  The administration can also resort to use of hidden cameras which are installed in places where students spend most of their time and then monitor  to see if  there is any unusual characters, like being violent, potrayed. A school security guard can also be trained to be very keen and observant by looking out for any violent behavior. He can do this by moving around the school compound in cafeteria and hallways and inform the administration if any incident is reported.


 Anti-war classes or workshop can also be taken where students are given training on anger management  and ways through which they can keep watch over their friends who mayt be subjected to bullying by  fellow children if a student is in apposition to mind and care for his fellow student and inform the parent and teacher if any signs of bad  behavior is witnessed, then it will be possible to look into the issue and offer help before things get out of hand.

A guardian can also help prevent school violence by  discussing  what is happening in the life of their child in school and see if there is cases of resentment in their  towards the teacher or a friend.