Prohibition of violence on school campuses

School violence has been creating reasons for worry all over the world and the people who are worried the most are the ones living in America. These are the people who have gone through horrible incidents like the Virginia Tech massacre, Bath school disaster, Columbine high school massacre, etc. These incidents have taken the lives of lot of Americans in the past and these are good enough to prove how serious school violence is in America and how it has been affecting the lives of Americans, especially the kids and the parents.


Billy Wolfe case of school violence was one thing that made these school managements look at violence in school very seriously. Before that no one used to even care about violence relating to school and they used to take it very casually. Billy Wolfe was basically studying in a school where there lot of people and fellow students making constant attacks on him. The parents of Billy Wolfe took the issue with the school authorities and also the parents of the violent students. But the did not get any proper response. Looking at the response, the parents of Billy Wolfe decided to take up the issue in the court of law where they ultimately won their case thanks to the testimonies and proofs they had for their support. The judge also offered them to get compensation for the damages incurred by them and also ordered the school authorities to take actions so that such activities do not happen in the future.


After the Billy Wolfe incident, there are lots of schools which have started taken violence in school very seriously and also making efforts to prevent them. These were the same schools which turned a deaf ear to these incidents in the past. These schools, as part of their preventive measures, are training their teachers to deal with their students in the most co operative manner as possible. They are also told to encourage students to do good activities in life which would not only create good habits in the kids but would also deviate their thoughts from violence. There would be positive feelings inculcated in the minds of the kids and that would help the kids in getting groomed properly and have a wonderful future.   


There are lot of officials appointed by schools who are specialists at dealing with students who constantly bully their fellow kids. The guards are also given training simultaneously. They are also given strict information that if they come across students committing violence, then they should immediately bring it to the notice of the school authorities or, even better, the anti bullying force present in the school.


It is to be noted that a school would be better off if it resolves the cases of violence in school within the school itself because going to the court of law would be a very tedious procedure and would also bring lot of bad name to the school.

The parents and teachers should inculcate ethical thinking in the minds of the kids as that would reduce the violent behaviour of the kids. They should be made aware of the negative impacts of school violence on their future and career resulting in the kids thinking about hemselves and their actions.