School violence and preventive measures

School violence is something that takes place in the school. Children having violent behavior impede the school environment and generate an environment of violence in the school. They threaten and bully the other students and staff to an extent that they are frightened to come to the school. Their career is hampered along with the others, as well. Therefore, for the betterment of the country and its future, such type of violence in kids needs to avoided completely.

One can decrease such type of violent attitude by following some measures:

  • If the parents keep on arguing or fighting in front the child, this will have a bad impact on him. They will learn the first step towards violence form here. Therefore, parents should avoid fighting or arguing, using abusive language in front of the child and should never use any bad words in front of them.
  • Most significant reasons for the development of such kind of behavior are lack of affection, love and support on a timely basis. If the child fails to get this emotional behavior from the parents and teachers, then the chances of him becoming violent increase. If he is aware of the fact that his parents and teachers are worried about them, he will never develop such type of emotions.
  • It is very common that if any person is facing some difficulty and is not able to solve it, he gets depressed and frustrated. Frustration results into violence quite easily. Therefore, it is the role of the teachers as well as parents to offer complete guidance and support to their child at time of their difficulties. This will help in decreasing their violent behavior.
  • Parents need to keep an eye on the type of TV shows and movies their children are viewing. If they do see such shows or movies where violence is showed, then they need to stop it instantly. This is because children do imitate what they see in their attitude.
  • Counseling can be highly helpful to decrease the feeling of violent behavior. Proper counseling may assist to prevent the occurrence of violent behavior in the school. Schools can make it, a point to a point to appoint psychiatrists or counselors regularly; who can conduct different tests to determine the degree of violence in the child. After understanding this degree, they can go further to find out the causes of the problem. Once they know the reason for the same, then some efforts can be taken to cure it. This will aid to prevent the development of further violence.
  • The school guards should have a check on the lockers and bags of the school children regularly. If they find any type of weapon in the bags, it should be soon brought to the notice of the higher authorities of the school, say the management staff, principal or teachers.

By following these measures, parents with the help of the school authorities can prevent the development of violent attitudes in children. It will help to protect a child from being violent in future.