How to Control Violent Students?

Violent students are the main reason for violence to happen inside a school compound. So they should be kept under control in order to prevent school violence. But how will you control a violent child? It is quite easy to give a suggestion that controlling violent students will solve the problem of school violence. But how will you do it? They are called violent students because they cannot be controlled. So the question of controlling a violent student is out of proportion. However there are some ways in controlling a violent child.


First of all let us consider two cases of violent students. One case is where the student is extremely violent and cannot be controlled at all. The second case is those set of violent students who are not that violent as that of the first type. This will give us a very clear idea on how to deal with violent children. We will discuss about the second type first and then go on with the extremely violent ones. The second type of violent students i.e. the lesser violent ones can be controlled with proper counseling and advice from parents and teachers. However the results cannot be guaranteed to be positive because violent nature is too hard to control. 


So the only way to control violent students is with the help of a professional psychiatrist. Professional psychiatrists are the ones who can deal with violent students in the best possible manner. The techniques and methods they employ are very effective and will guarantee a positive result. A professional child psychiatrist employs various methods like counseling, art therapy, group therapy, psycho-therapy, play therapy etc depending on the severity of the problem in that particular child. Psycho-therapy is the most widely used method to control violent students.


Psycho therapy is also known as child-parent therapy because it helps in the child establishing a very close relationship with their parents. One thing that everyone must understand here is the fact that violent students are a result of negligence and the distance they maintain with their parents. So psycho-therapy helps in negating this factor and helps the child have better rapport with their parents thus aiding in the betterment of the child’s mental health. Psycho therapy has helped millions of students who have been affected with the problem of a violent behavior.


Play therapy is another popular form of treatment used to control violent students. In this the violent child is made to play with other students so as to create a rapport with other children. This is just like the psycho therapy where a better child-parent relationship is established. Group therapy is also a similar kind of treatment. Art therapy is the newest form of treatment used by the psychiatrists to cure violent children. In this type the children are made to get closer with the nature and other forms of art so that they open up and interact freely with others. Art therapy is also proving to be very effective in controlling violent students.