Ways to combat School Violence

School violence cannot be prevented by the school authorities alone. Active contribution from the teachers, parents as well as the students is required to combat school violence. Each of the contributors can play an important role in combating school violence.


Recent past has seen school violence in increasing numbers. There is no parent who doesn’t wish that his/her child study in a safe and friendly environment. The increasing number of school violence has opened the eyes of the school authorities and made them aware that school violence is an issue that has to be tackled and cannot be ignored. Below are some of the steps that can be taken in order to combat violence in your school:


  • Teachers need to be vigilant in classrooms as well as outside the classrooms. Teachers must move around the cafeteria, hallways and the playground during the breaks. If they notice any child behaving aggressively or using abusive words then such students need to be immediately dealt with. The students must be tactfully counseled that such kind of behavior is harmful for themselves and others as well.
  • In the classroom, if a teacher spots a student making fun of another student then the teacher must scold the students who are making fun for not behaving properly in the class. The teacher must also inform the students that such kind of behavior will not be tolerated.
  • If a student constantly behaves in an aggressive manner then his parents need to be summoned to the school and informed about their child’s behavior. The parents and teachers to work out the situation effectively and try to understand the reason behind the child’s aggressive behavior. The parents and teachers can then help the student to come out of the behavior through timely counseling and management skills related to anger.
  • The students in the school must also be encouraged to take care of the fellow students. If a student spots another student bullying a weak and timid student, then he/she must inform the teachers or the school authorities immediately in order that required action be taken against bullying.
  • Hidden cameras must be installed at places where students pass time during the breaks. Any kind of violence among students or unusual behavior can be monitored through the security cameras. During breaks, the hallways and the cafeteria should be manned to keep a check on the student’s behavior and inform the school authorities in case any aggressive behavior or indiscipline is noticed.
  • Regular seminars should be organized in the school to train the students with anger management skills. The students are also taught to keep check on their friends who are weak and timid and subject to being bullied by other children. Active involvement is required by the students. If a student takes notice of his/her friend’s behavior and sees that his friend is in low mood or is depressed then he can inform about it to teachers and parents. The matter can be controlled before it worsens.
  • Parents too can contribute in the prevention of school violence. Parents must discuss the daily activities that happen in the school with their child and see whether something or some student is bothering their child. Parents can easily make out from the child’s behavior if something is wrong with him/her.


These are some of the steps which can help effectively in preventing school violence and help a child from facing brutal consequences.