Student profiling for school violence

School violence needs no introduction. It is a problem that is known to almost everyone. School violence has created so much panic among Americans that they are even scared of sending their kids to schools. For parents the most important thing in this world is to take care of their children. They really don’t want to take a stake on their life.

School violence has become a great concern for the teachers and schools. They are seeking ways by which they are able to know which student is having the possibility of crossing the line of violence in future. Although nothing specific like crystal ball is available that can easily predict about the violent attitude of the children in advance, but still school authorities are trying their best to devise ways that can determine the violent attitude among children.

Student profiling is an approach that many schools authorities are considering in order to avoid school violence in the schools. Some people are seeing student profiling as a great tool but others feel that it is not at all a promising technique.

Now you must be thinking that what exactly student profiling is?

A checklist of personal characteristics and behavior of youths who have carried out violence is used to measure the potential of the individual student for behaving in the violent manner. If large number of personal characteristics and behavior that are present on the list are true for a single student then it might be possible that the student can commit violent act in the future. The basic idea behind such kind of activity is to find out the potential offenders, long before they give rise to the crime. Schools are adopting this technique of student profiling so as to save children from dreadful school violence. If schools are able to figure out that a particular student can act violently in future then they can devise ways to reduce the violence.

To stop a student from doing violent act, the school authorities can instruct parents and teachers to take extra care of that student and proper guidance and support should be given to him/her. If required, then he/she can consult a good counselor and psychiatrist also. They are specialized people and quite efficient in dealing such kind of behaviors.

Schools should start programs that provide learning to students on all three levels that are emotional, social and academic. Aim of the school is to tell students the benefits of thoughtful decision making, communicating properly, understanding the importance of feelings of themselves as well as of others, understanding the importance of life and understanding the aim of life etc. If students are aware about all these facts then there are more chances that they will not get indulged in these kinds of painful activities. It is true that if they know the difference of good and bad then they will not perform any kind of violent acts in schools.

It is the duty of the schools to provide right kind of learning and education to the children and if they fail to do so then there is no need of having schools. So schools should pay extra attention on these issues and must try to reduce them.