Different Ways to Reduce School Violence

School violence has been a major issue for schools as it is the common ground for actions between students who are the future of a nation. A countries future hangs on the balance of schools who nurtures the future generations. Both school and outside authorities are working day and night to solve such violent acts on school grounds. Parents and teachers are all concerned about this issue as well. Steps to resolve these problems are proposed daily but without the help and co-operation of students, parents and teachers these steps may never be successfully implemented.


Violent natured students should be dealt extreme care as they tend to be very sensitive as severe and harsh methods may backfire and trap him/her in those dreadful memories. We should try to comfort and also consult him slowly to decrease or eliminate his/her violent nature completely.  We are going show some methods in reducing such violent nature in children and also to some extent in completely eliminating the act as well.


  • Parents should be advised to check on their children as much as possible, as they are the best people who can understand their own children. It’s important to discuss on the habits and behaviors a child should develop or adapt to. How to be good and kind child should be advised to them. He should be reminded softly that how the family’s reputation is in his hands. They should also discuss about the soft things in life with him/her to tender his/her heart.
  • Parents should seek help from the internet as it is a valuable source on collecting vast amounts of data which might help them to know certain things which are common in children. Some websites offer free advice and recommendations on helping parents deal with violent natured children. Parents can also discuss about these issues in the internet globally which will help them not only gather valuable knowledge but also share their stories and successful methods.
  • If a child is not healed by the words of the parents, then they should go to a professional psychiatrist, who will then provide methods to calm the child and also provide counseling sessions to both the child and parents on how to behave.   
  • Parents should take caution in preventing their child from being drawn by such sort of violent actions. From an early age, they should closely monitor the child’s actions and act accordingly without making him/her uncomfortable. They should also never tend to be over-protective on them either.
  • As teachers play an important role on the student’s life, he/she should provide attention to each and every student. If a teacher should notice anything irregular, he should provide extra attention towards that student and also to inform the parents about the changes and suggesting ways in dealing with it.
  • School administrations should be strict on regulating rules and misconduct by anyone should be dealt immediately. In case of students harsh punishments should be avoided and teaching solutions should be advised.

These methods should provide remarkable improvements in a child’s behavior.