Actions against violence in school

The people who really want to know the solutions for problems like school violence are the ones who have experienced it personally. School violence has been increasing and is also affecting the country as a whole therefore it is necessary that the school takes important measures to prevent such things from happening.


It is not only the question of the future of the student who is violating or hurting people but it is the question of the schools reputation and image as when the school students and teachers are attacked and hurt, then the entire student community gets a bad name. Then how do we now bring a halt to such violent activities. The answer is through collective measures as no one individual can wipe off this menace all by himself and not expecting others to assist him.


The first person who should get into curbing these kinds of violence is the school because it is in their place where the activities take place and they have a first hand report of it. They can implement measures like setting up security guards, keep metal detectors at place, install fool proof checking system to detect violating objects and punish students too who are found guilty of committing violence.


These instances of violence in schools can be brought down to a huge extent if the school is disciplines and has its rules in place. It should also have strategies and plans to handle situations before and after the violence. An example of preventive measures for violence would be setting up security guards and an example for post violence measure would be strict laws against such violations of the rules and sever punishments for the offenders and people who defy obeying.  


The strict punishments could involve giving initial warnings to the students who offend for the first time and if that does not work, then they can be expelled from the school without any notice or consideration the second time around or required be asked to call their parents to school. But if the crime committed is more heinous and dangerous, then they should be handed over to the police. Thus, school violence can be prevented to a huge extent, if the school authorities come in and take some serious steps.


For preventing the violent acts, the school can make use of the services provided by psychiatrists and psychologists. These people are professionals at dealing with such problems of the kids and they would for sure come in very handy and effective. Children are like the piece of clay. Whether the clay is moulded into a wonderful piece of art or not is dependent on the artist who is handling the clay. Children are like the clay and the parents and teachers are the artists making use of the clay.


The steps taken by the school must be preventive measures and that should include treating the students with love and care. But if the students are not complying to such wonderful gestures of their school authorities, then they can resort to some strict and harsh measures.