How to Decrease Incidents of School Violence

The incidents of school violence that occur bring about lots of trouble to students, teachers and society in general. Violence in school includes, rape, bullying and fights with their teachers and other workers at school. The major concern of many people is how to decrease such incidents.


It is possible to decrease school violence through various methods. The first method of decreasing violence is for the parents to ensure that they give their children a good atmosphere to grow up. They should provide care, love, guidance and affection to their children. It is also important for teachers and parents to provide children with help during difficult situations. They should pay proper attention to the children to prevent cases of frustration that can cause depression in children.


The other method of decreasing school violence is through counseling. If children do not receive right counseling, they may end up participating in violent activities because of ignorance. People specializing in child psychology can be of great help in counseling the children to avoid engaging in violent activities. They can guide and assist the children in making good career choices and in this way reduce the violent attitude they have towards other people.


Most students seek fame in school and may involve themselves in violent acts such as bullying, raping, stealing and killing their fellow students and staff members as a way of becoming famous. It is therefore essential for teachers and parents to counsel the students about getting famous in the genuine and right way. Ways to get famous genuinely include participating in extra curricular activities and performing well in school. The other way to decrease incidents of school violence is for teachers and parents to treat the students with compassion, complete care and love.


The other area where teachers and parents are able to put in their influence is in the groups that children involve themselves with while at school. They should make sure that the groups do not have a violent attitude towards others and take the right measures if the groups have a violent attitude. Schools should also have strict rules that restrict all forms of weapons. They can accomplish this by having security officers check school bags and lockers for weapons regularly.


The children in school will become active members of society when they grow up and for this reason, it is essential for teachers and parents to ensure that students have the right attitude towards life. Having a wrong or misguided attitude towards life can lead the students to do anything without giving much thought to it. Teachers and parents can make sure that they give explanations to students regarding the importance of having a good attitude in whatever they do. If they do this, it will make the future of the children and that of the whole nation good. Children who have a good attitude towards life will do well in school, their personal life and in their future life as professionals. Therefore, schools and parents should take the necessary steps that will ensure the reduction of incidents of school violence for it is of importance to all members of society.