Measures to control School violence

The issue of school violence it turned out one of the critical issues. We cannot avoid it anymore. Children are the future of our existence and if we cannot secure our future it will be our biggest failure. We have to be more concern about giving them a better future hence it’s our duty to find out a proper solution for school violence.

                All activities of school violence must be controlled. Prohibition of weapons, fighting, theft, vandalism etc. inside school campus is must. By these violations the entire environment of the school gets jeopardized, which affects all other students too. Hence the future of many students gets clouded. For an instance the student who bully, create fear and uncertainty among other students. This fear often stops them from attending school and makes their future uncertain.

Key reasons of violence:

ü  As always home is the first and more important place to learn. We all start learning from our parents. The home environment must be open, loving and friendly. Parents should keep a tack on child’s activity. They should listen to the kid try to resolve the issue. Parents should always keep violence away from a child. The relationship between parents and elders also make effect on a child. Parents should not give any wrong impression by their attitude or behavior.

ü  The stress level in today’s world is very high hence pressure of achievements or expectations can be harmful for child.

ü  One of the critical point is the acquaintances. We all are affected by our friend circle. The company of the child also plays a vital role. If the child get friendly with a violent group then its common that he/she get influenced in violence.

Violence at a small age is a serious matter of concern. But few important steps which can be taken to prevent this situation are:

ü  The atmosphere at home comes first. The child could be violent or can be affected by school violation. It’s parent’s duty to understand the situation and support the child with proper guidance. Loving, Friendly and open relationship can help.

ü  If the child is facing a hard time try to understand the situation and give honest and proper guidance. Communication between parents and child is always important.

ü  For the stress of achievements and constant goad for better grades at study can make a child depressed and often violent. Parents have to make sure that they give proper support to the child.

ü  If the situation turns out to be critical and Parents cannot resolve it they can always take professional help like counselor or psychiatrists. Appointing a specialist for regular session can also help for very serious cases.

ü  The expectations must not be stressful. Often parents create pressure by their high expectation from the child. Parents have to understand and accept the ability of the child and must do the expectation accordingly.

Proper and careful measures can prevent child form violence. Hence following them will prevent the growth of the violence among children and will secure a better future for them.