Preventing Occurrence of School Violence

School Violence is a social problem that has now become a dreadful issue to the entire school community. The evil vise, all of a sudden erupts, chaos and pandemonium becomes the order of the day. Victims suffer rains of beatings, bully, stabbing and some times, gun shoots. The attackers do not have regard for status and personalities, for the victims include all categories of people in the school: the teachers, the staff, and fellow students even the school authority, all are not spared. Lawlessness is all over and demons have taken charge of affairs. At the end of the day victims are left in pool of blood suffering severe pains of the injuries they got, others lay dead, cries for help is the dominating sound and the fortunate ones that were not injured took off to their heels heading to wherever they think could be secured. This is the rough description of the terrible incidence of school violence and how bad it could be. The issue is that, do we fold our hands and watch the dreadful scenario as it keeps happening? I believe the answer to that for every responsible and well meaning individual is, NO! Therefore, let us consider how we can identify the signs of the violence with a view to combating it before it breaks.


The security outfit of the school is the body on which the duty of safeguarding the lives and the properties of the school to a certain extent is vested on, therefore, the outfit should, as a first step, be properly equipped.


The second step is that the security personnel should ensure thorough checking procedure is employed as the students are coming into the school and periodically all over the school premises with a view to ensuring that no weapon of any kind is brought into the school without notice.     


The third procedure is that the students with violent potential like aggression, delinquent behavior and hyperactivity should be kept under close and constant surveillance. This way the students with violent tendencies are observed all the time and the day to day activities of the students are known. Any attempt to initiate violence will be detected and stopping it will be an easy task. 


Cameras should be planted at strategic positions in different areas of the school to allow constant monitoring of the conducts of the students. The cameras provide the same benefit as keeping eyes on the children with violent trait.


All cases of quarrels involving the students should be taken with all seriousness and the teachers should ensure they are resolved completely. In the same vein, heated arguments, discrimination, ridicule and bully should be stooped any time it is observed.


The above steps could really help in no small measures in combating school violence. Since adopting them is certain to provide sanity in the school, then it is highly recommended that the school authority should implement them fully. The future generation needs to be given sound education, and that is not obtainable in an atmosphere full of terror and chaos. All stake holders should also contribute in combating this menace and return peace and tranquility in the school premises.