Strategies That Can Be Used To Curb School Violence

In recent years, problems of school violence have risen drastically, particularly in United States of America where the lives of many people have been taken especially those of teachers and children.  Every parent is concerned with the life of his child and being their obligation they send them to school to study but instead of accomplishing their mission, they are losing them due to school violence. Therefore, it is very important to control the crimes taking place in schools. There are three strategies, which parents and school administrations can apply to stop school violence. These apply in three levels, which are legal level, physical level and personal level.


The legal level is where the government puts some efforts towards preventing school violence.  In the United States of America, possession of a weapon is not restricted; this makes them readily available to everyone who wishes to acquire one including students. Therefore, for it to be possible to prevent school violence, laws should be changed and serious restriction made against possession of weapons by minors. The school should hire officers from the anti-bullying police to keep an eye on all activities in schools. Incase of any observation of a violent activity, it should be reported to the administration immediately.  Strict actions should be taken incase a child is found in possession of a firearm or any violent action is observed


At the personal level, counselors are appointed by the school. These are people trained in a child’s psychology and are the best when it comes to give proper guidance to a child. They should be in a position to interact with the children freely on a regular basis and be able to guide them on issues related to their careers. Teachers should not harass the students and should communicate in a polite manner to their students. They should try to get along with them and find ways through which they can assist them in difficult times.


Teachers and parents should show love towards young people who need a lot of attention because at this stage, they tend to go through a lot in the process of maturing. The school environment should be a healthy one open and with enough freedom for proper communication. The duty of the school is not only to teach the students what is basic but also showing them what is good and right so that they are able to judge wiser by themselves.


Lastly, the physical level entails schools adopting a strategy such as offering training on school violence to the guards. They should conduct regular checks of bags and lockers. The higher authorities should be informed in case a guard finds any weapon or substances, which are prohibited. In addition, classes on anger and conflict management can be given. This helps a lot in managing students’ anger and solving conflicts.


Meditation can also be involved to assist in relaxing ones body, soul and mind. Therefore, schools should arrange these classes to help students in relaxing their bodies. Great career experts can also be involved to offer career lectures which helps in minimizing school violence.  If the above strategies are fully implemented by the school administration then chances are that they will be able to curb such awful cases of school violence