Recommendations for school violence


First of all people should understand what is school violence? The answer to this question is very simple enough and can be defined as violence occurring in schools like violence between students, violence between students and teachers, any harm by students to his classmates, teachers and other staff etc. Nowadays school violence has become very horrible problem. In order to avoid school violence there are certain measures that are required to be undertaken.
In earlier times, schools were considered as a sacred place meant for imparting knowledge to the students. However today, scenario has changed to a very large extent. The modern schools of present are quite different to schools of the past in several ways. These new generation schools are not safe from the school violence point of view. Many surveys have been conducted in order to find out the actual rate of school violence. Though it is shocking, but the truth is that there are an end number of schools all over the world that are suffering from this problem. But what is the actual cause of this problem/
Parents assume that their children go to school for studies only but they don’t check what he is doing in the school. There are many reasons because of which school violence is generated like fear from examination failure, teacher’s behavior, classmate’s behavior and many more.
To remove and prevent school violence completely, school administration should talk to parents and staff members. Parent’s teachers meeting should be conducted regularly to understand the position and problem of student. If proper interaction is there then chances are high to reduce the problem related to school violence.
Various types of sites on internet provide recommendation for preventing school violence. School teachers and parents should read such type of recommendation and provide proper guidance to students as these websites are simple enough to read.
Also parents should check regularly the condition of their children. By talking regularly they can provide right atmosphere and right direction to the child. Hence it is a duty of parents and even teachers to check regularly the condition of students and provide them proper guidance from time to time. By doing so students are free from unnecessary tensions and also don’t feel stressed or depressed during school hours and at home. As a result of this not just the problem of school violence can be prevented but also the students can do well in their studies.
If your child’s behavior is not good these days then you can take the help of psychiatrist also. In addition you must give your child full affection, so as to help him get rid of any sort of tensions. You must also check the habits, friend circle and interest in studies of your child from time to time. This can also help in understanding the behavior of your children.
Violent behavior can be prevented by providing suitable environment and time to your children. Every child has different capability, so understand that capability and don’t force him too much for studies. Any type of forceful job can create wrong impression and your child can harm others. It is also necessary for the parents that they should check that their children should not play with weapons. By this way school violence can be prevented.