Tips on How to stop school violence

School violence is causing trouble to everyone.  It is not only limited to students involved, it also creates troubles for the parents, other children, the teachers and it even creates problems for the nation itself.  A nation’s future can be put into jeopardy with rampant school violence.  In order to have a better future, it is imperative that school violence be prevented, or even better be eliminated.

Here are a few tips that can be done if you want to help prevent school violence.

·         Spend some time with the kids – it is important that parents spend some time with their children even if it’s just about 30 minutes a day.  This way, parents will be able to establish a healthy relationship with their children and be able to know everything there is to know about their kids.  This also provides parents a way to guide children away from negative things.

·         Appointment of counselors – Schools should take the necessary steps in hiring counselors.  These people are specially trained in the area of child psychology.  They will be able to provide help and guidance to children during their times of troubles.

·         Establish a friendly relationship – Parents are not only considered to be a child’s first teacher, they are also their best teacher.  With proper guidance and support, parents will be able to provide the children with the right atmosphere for positive growth and development.

·         Support from teachers – Teachers can be a big help with regards to preventing school violence.  With proper training, teacher will be able to understand students better, and in this way be able to provide students with proper counseling regarding the negative effects that violent attitude has.

·         Love and care – Proper love and affection is considered to be a cure for violent attitudes in children.  Providing such loving and affectionate environment by both teachers and parents will simply reduce the cases of school violence.

·         Weapons – local authorities and the Federal Department should look into the problem of children being able to access deadly weapons with ease.  Laws and stricter rules should be passed preventing children any access to such kind of weapons. There are a lot of incidents in history that children brought weapons to school and killed other students and teachers.

·         Fame – Other student’s doing acts of violence to be famous in their school.  With that said, teacher and parents explain to them about the negative effects that this kind of fame will bring them.  In turn, they may suggest other ways that students can be famous which are legit and safe.

·         Encourage other habits – Encouraging children to take up other hobbies is also a great way to prevent school violence.  If they remain stuck on this hobby, then they will forget about doing anything negative.

·         Praise – whenever a kid does a good deed, it is recommended that you praise him.  Both parents and teacher may praise a child, and give them proper rewards for a job well done and for their good behavior.  By doing this, you are giving them the motivation to stop doing any violent act.

·         Friends – Friends can play a vital role in correcting violent behavior.  Children are more open when with their friends, and this can also be a good thing.  If friends help out in providing guidance and cooperation to violent students, they help them out solving their problems.  With their problems solved, these children will now have less motivation in doing violent acts thus reducing school violence.

Follow these steps, and keep practicing them.  By doing so, we can completely eliminate the violent behaviors that children have easily.