Useful advices to reduce School Violence

In order to reduce school violence i.e. violent activities in school it is very important that people understand the real problem and act according to that. This will make your efforts more fruitful and effective in reducing school violence because understanding a problem can give you many solutions to solve that problem. So rather than me giving you advices on how to reduce school violence in this article, I will concentrate on making you understand certain important aspects about school violence which will help you in prying out the solutions by yourself.


School violence mainly happens because of an arrogant child; a child who tends to pick up a fight very easily. So it is very important that you adjust properly with an arrogant child to negate the instances of violence in the school premises. A child is never born as arrogant or timid. It is the atmosphere around him which makes him arrogant. For example, a parent who does not give the necessary care and affection to their ward will normally result in their child turning out to be violent in most of his activities. It is the role of a parent that is the most important in case of a violent behavior of a child. If the parent is not responsible enough then be prepared to face the consequences.


The group of friends with whom your child mingles or spends most of the time is another deciding factor in him turning out to be good and responsible child or an arrogant and irresponsible lad. A gang of friends who are haughty and cocky can always influence your child to become arrogant as well. You may not feel the importance of having a good circle of friends and as a parent you will tend to neglect that. But let me tell you that this is one of the biggest mistakes of a parent in deciphering the importance of a good quality friends’ circle. They may start out with some funny comments which will gradually become sarcastic comments and they in turn become violent comments which will ultimately develop into a seriously severe attitude problem in your child.


Media has its fair share in making children arrogant and violent as well. The scenes and machismo shown by their favorite characters are sure to be imitated by young children. This is also similar to the previous case where parents do not find it important. I would like to cite an example of a particular wrestling show which is aired in a popular TV channel which has a great fan following especially the younger section to prove the effect of media on school violence. The wrestling moves done in the shows fascinate the children and they will invariably try it on their friends as well. Quite natural for a young child and this will develop that arrogant attitude in the child.


Schools do have their part in developing arrogant attitude in children. If the roles of each and every person are carried out with perfection and absolute responsibility then I am sure that school violence will not be an issue at hand in the next few years.