Countless research has been carried out on the menace of school violence. Each and all the researchers have therefore concluded that the state of violence in the school is becoming worrisome and threatening each and everyday. The incidence of this violence in our school include rape, theft, shooting, harassment, name calling, fighting, hooliganisms, rascals’, the list is endless. As if those are not enough, it goes as far as maiming and killing several innocent souls. Shall we keep watching while this anarchy continues? NO! Something must be done to bring the situation under control.


To stop this mindless act and the prevailing atrocities against humanity, something drastic must be put in place to preserve the future of our children and our dear nation. To some extent, children might not be blamed for their innocent actions or inactions but the parents, teachers and government should be fully aware of the possible negative implication on the children’s future and hence raise up to right the wrongs.


Among numerous alternative solutions to school violence therefore, conflict resolution is an integral part. The school should include in its curriculum, conflict management. Better still; the school management can at interval organize a workshop on this subject matter. Having adequately equipped students, they might in turn begin to see and explore alternate methods of resolving conflicts and settling grievances. If students can embrace peace resolution to conflicts, then school violence will become a thing of the past.


The training has multi-facet and dynamic approach to conflict resolution. When negative feeling is subtly replaces by positive attitude, the children begin to see a much more promising future for a fulfilled life. They begin to enjoy the benefits of co-existence with tolerance and see violent confrontation as old syllabus.


As a matter of fact, conflict resolution program is not only beneficial to the student. Same also ensures that the teachers and parents are not left out in the training. However, they will benefit maximally if all the phases in the training are attended.


Without mincing words, exploring this so-called training will undoubtedly bring school violence to the barest minimum. No student that attends the training will ever remain the same at the end of the course. They will always have an edge over their colleague who has not been giving some privileged. At the end of the training, the urge to live a meaningful life will naturally dominate his thought thereafter. They will not only see the need to contribute their quotas positively to the development and growth of his/her country but the global peace at large.


Internet being a data bank, you can search out on the internet for more about conflict resolution program. So many could be found on Google, you only need a computer and internet connection to access the information.


In the final analysis, violence in whatever form endangers life. It destroys career, brings shame and it retrogresses. It is therefore suggested that schools and parents play their roles to preserve the life and future of their children.