Behavior of Students to Prevent School Violence

One of the biggest problems faced by the government of United States of America is its inability to control the increase of violence inside schools. This is primarily because of the reason that no laws or rules can be enforced on children to make them go in the right path. The only way the government can act is to pass stricter laws on the school authorities to take care of this issue. Though many laws have been passed in the recent past which imposed huge penalties on schools which had problems related with school violence, it has not been effective till now.

We may feel that it should be at the hands of the school authorities to handle such a sensitive situation. But it is not the exact need of the hour. Even with loads of advice and counseling from parents and teachers on students to improve their behavior and have a good attitude, it is in the hands of the children to be more responsible and wise enough to avoid any actions that is harmful. Students are the only ones who can solve this problem.

Students should know how to tackle a tricky situation. Even if they are being teased or dominated by a group of bully students they should not retaliate. The wise thing is to inform the school authorities regarding this problem and the students involved in it rather than getting into a brawl which will end up in severe physical harm. Students reading this article might feel that reporting to the school authorities will increase the chances of that particular group of students to get outraged even more. But one thing I would like to say that most of the bully students are baby faces. They will have a stern exterior but once they are pulled to the authorities and parents then they will definitely be down to the mat.

What if the student had taken steps all by himself? If he had tried to pay back instantaneously then the story would have been completely different. Even if you had the upper hand at the brawl on the first occasion the same set of bully students will be avenging the defeat and they will be raring to have another go on you. This is the fodder for violence to grow inside the school atmosphere. So it is very important that the good students to avoid picking up a fight and act wisely and tactfully for their own good. 

Bully students are insane and they will not understand the importance of being a good child to his parents or to the society. However if proper counseling and advice from parents and teachers are given to the child, he will change for sure. There is no student who will not give away to proper love and affection. So parents should be on their toes whenever their child is in need of that. Just be with him and understand him in a better way so that he will never get into any unwanted activities once again.