Professional assistance that can be given to violent students

Violence in schools has turned out to be the global cause of  apprehension and all countries around the globe are doing their best to find ways and techniques to control and liberate themselves from this problem. The major reason as to why the problem seems to be very serious is the fact that it frankly affects the future of a country that is the young. There is no country , which is ready to have its youth go through any  form of difficulty.



Schools too have understood the serious effects of this problem and therefore they are bound to take in any means  to combat the issue of school violence.  Schoolteachers and the staff are given training and counseling  on how to handle  the students who may turn out violent peacefully. If not well handled, with care and affection, they may prove to be violent towards fellow students.


In addition to this, the management of the school  should  also understand the need of a counselor within the school where such kind of students can be guided and counseled  because avoiding and ignoring them may cause great damage. At the end of the day, one should  understand and accept that these are children and the violence they portray may be as a result of  negligence or even rejection that they get from the school environment or at home. Therefore, these students should be given good counseling  by a professional counselor  who will be able to assist them in withdrawing from such misconduct and begin  to behave just like any other normal child in school.


It has been concluded that  Parent too plays a major role in assisting their children to recover fast. Various  methods of treatments are being introduced to violent students  to help them in dealing  with their problems. Child parent therapy also known as psychotherapy helps in molding the relationship  between parents and their children  hence fortifying their bond. Therefore , assisting a violent child to recover involves drawing him close to his parents, which helps him to feel  secure.


Various therapies such as group therapy, play therapy and art therapy are also applied by professionals  to help them understand fully the status of the violent child’s mind and help them make decision.  This draws them closer to the affected child because it gets them involved in all the activities  the children are fond of. This  makes the treatment easy and quite effective. By observing the actions of the affected child, they are able to analyze the inner and deeper  feeling and state of mind of the affected child. This helps in giving proper treatment to the child.


It is very important for a professional to gain confidence or trust in the child he is treating and make him feel that there is a person who cares and understands what he is going through and is there to listen to him offering assistance. Children experiencing violent issues  need to feel loved and cared for. The procedure  for treating  these cases  takes time but the results are fruitful.