Establishing crisis center for school violence

Advancement in the technology has improved the life of people to a very great extent but due to this advancement, the life of people is becoming busy as well. Generally people refuse to give time to their children and family due to busy life schedules. As a result children do what the others are doing without analyzing that it is good or a bad habit. So without any type of guidance or assistance children are doing the wrong things. It is true that if proper measures and guidance are not provided to the children then their future will be in dark as per the current scenario. So proper assistance and guidance should be provided to students in order to completely remove and prevent school violence in nearby future.


Crisis Response Planning: Good planning for crisis should be done in order to prevent school violence. There is an association called NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) that works for promoting and enhancing the environment of the schools by including optimal learning, independence etc. This association helps in creating a good environment among the students. For the safety of schools, the National Resource Center is working with communities, schools, and agencies related to education and individuals for providing safe and secure learning environment in order to prevent school violence.


Model Crisis Response Plans: Virginia Education Department has developed a model on school crisis planning that was intended to be utilized by schools. This plan includes procedures, policies and certain forms that can be modified or adopted. The Los Angeles Office for Education Sage School center provides support to more than 80 school districts. This ensures the safety and security of schools.


Assessment of threats: The Secret Service of U.S. has performed a study which is related to the thinking and behavior of persons who have committed violence in schools. The main motto of service is to provide useful information to the school administrators, law professionals, teachers and other persons in order to prevent activities like targeted school violence.  


Prevention of Violence: The CMHS (The center for Mental Health Services) is designed for improving the health related problems in children especially with emotional disorders that have fear of school violence. There is also a program related to Hamilton Fish Prevention Institute that serves as a resource in order to test the effectiveness of violent activities occurring in the schools.


Programs on Anti Bullying: For helping bully victims a program which is known as Bullying Prevention is designed. The main workplace of this program is school and staff related to schools. Most of the students participate in this program. Some programs which focus on Conflict management are also there with the motto to develop emotional and social skills.


Service Learning: NSLC provide many types of resources and materials for those who are interested in enhancing or establishing projects related to service learning. NSLC provides syllabi, tool kits and funding sources etc.


Research: The system for Fast Response Survey collects data on the issues of education either at secondary or elementary level. It was basically designed to meet the requirements of decision makers, planners.


So this was all about establishing crisis center for school violence and various programs.