How can students help in preventing school violence?


Cases of school violence are often seen in newspapers. Students fighting and beating each other, arguing over small matters and getting aggressive and violent and in some cases, students just carrying a gun and opening fire at one and all and finally killing themselves are news that we often hear. Why does this happen? The answer lies in the student. He/she must be going through a depressive phase due to infighting at home among parents, low marks in exams, fallen into bad company and taking drugs, bullying by other students and gangs or various other reasons. The anger and resentment within keeps growing and ultimately explodes in some violent form. In order to avoid such acts of school violence, it is important to take proper steps whereby this menace can be tackled and brought down completely.
It is very essential to involve all the students in a school in the process. The students must go through anger management workshops that should be organised in the school from time to time. If students are trained in how to deal with anger effectively, then the menace of school violence can be taken care of to a big extent.
The teachers should push the students to bond well and take care of each other. If any student finds another student in any of the following manners, then he/she must let the teacher know about it immediately.
A student is in a low mood for days together
A student is feeling depressed and stops speaking as he/she usually does.
Any student is carrying any form of weapon in school.
A student sees another student or a group of students acting as bullies and harassing others.
A student acts in an aggressive manner or resorts to fighting over trifle matters.
A student is taking any kind of drugs or substances of abuse.
Students can act as best informers of something brewing wrong among their other fellow students. In case they notice a student acting in any of the above manners or any other odd behaviour, then they can bring the matter to the notice of the school authorities who can immediately take the required action before any major violence occurs.
If a student finds his friend being upset over any matter over a long time, then he/she can speak to his/her friend’s parents about it. The parents can then get to know if their child is going through a difficult period or has fallen in bad company. When detected early, the student behaving in an odd manner can be counselled and taken care of.
There are many times when children might not heed their parents’ advice but be open to their friend’s words. This is more so when children are grown up. So, if any student sees his/her friend going the wrong way, then the student must put in all efforts to convince his/her friend from going on that path and make the friend aware of the fatal consequences.
These are just some of the ways in which students can contribute in tackling the growing menace of school violence.